Burisma insisted Hunter Biden contact his father amidst U.S. anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

Two days before Burisma executives pulled Hunter Biden aside to call his father, they received a memorandum outlining the U.S.’s plan to push Ukraine to anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.”>implement anti-corruption reforms. This memo, released by⁤ the House Ways and ⁢Means Committee, raises questions about Hunter Biden’s phone call and ‌the potential special access given to his⁣ connections.

The recently released memo, dated December 2, 2015, is significant ⁢when combined with other details related to ⁢the Ukrainian​ scandal. It suggests that Hunter Biden may have helped Blue Star Strategies, a company he was connected to, gain access to senior Obama administration ‌officials.

Prior to the first impeachment inquiry hearing, the House Ways and Means⁤ Committee released documents that​ implicate Joe Biden⁢ in a pay-to-play scheme. The memo from Blue Star Strategies to Burisma, ⁣regarding “U.S. Vice President Biden’s Trip to Ukraine Next Week,” is particularly significant.

Hunter Biden’s⁤ former business partner, Devon⁤ Archer, stated that Hunter helped ⁤set up Burisma with‌ Blue Star Group, which‍ lobbied for ‍the Ukrainian energy giant. The ⁢memo raises ⁣questions about whether Hunter also helped Blue ​Star gain access to the Obama-Biden administration.

The memo begins with the statement that ⁤Blue Star ⁢Strategies participated in a conference call with senior Obama administration officials. This raises the question of how they received an invitation to‌ join the call.

It is troubling that the teleconference was supposed to be on background, yet ⁣Blue Star Strategies disclosed‌ information about the call to Burisma. They revealed that Vice President ‍Biden’s Special Advisor for Europe and Russia and the ‍Vice President’s National Security Advisor presented the agenda for the trip and discussed U.S. policy toward‌ Ukraine.

The memo provides a detailed summary of​ the briefing, including discussions ‌about Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts and reforms. It emphasizes the need for serious reforms within the Prosecutor⁤ General’s Office.

Two days after receiving this ⁤memo, Burisma executives allegedly pressured Hunter Biden to call his father. During his‌ trip to Ukraine, Vice President Biden threatened to withhold ​U.S. loan guarantees unless the​ Ukrainian president fired‍ the prosecutor general.

Despite claims that the firing of the prosecutor was ‌unrelated to Hunter Biden’s work, the memo indicates that​ the vice president would be discussing anti-corruption efforts and reforms with Ukraine’s president. Burisma⁤ had a vested interest in ensuring that Joe Biden remembered Hunter’s connection to the company.

Hunter’s call to his father served that purpose, even if it was just about the weather.


How does the release ⁤of ‌this memo by the House Ways⁤ and Means Committee raise questions about the effectiveness of anti-corruption reforms⁣ in Ukraine and the extent of corruption within the country

‌Star Strategies is “working to improve ‌the business climate for ⁡foreign investors in Ukraine.” It goes on to discuss the upcoming visit of⁤ Vice President Biden to Ukraine and the opportunity it presents for Burisma to showcase its achievements⁢ in anti-corruption efforts. The ‍memo then outlines a plan to leverage Biden’s visit to further ⁢advance Burisma’s interests.

This revelation raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and ⁤special treatment given to Hunter Biden and his connections. It is important to note that at the time of​ this memo, Hunter Biden was serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that was under investigation for corruption. The fact that⁢ executives from Burisma ⁤had access ​to high-ranking Obama administration officials‍ just days before Hunter was pulled aside ⁢to call his father raises questions about preferential treatment.

This is not‍ the first time that Hunter⁣ Biden’s business dealings have come under scrutiny. ​His position on the board of Burisma has long been criticized as a result of his lack of experience⁤ in the energy sector and the potential for conflicts of interest. The​ release of this memo adds further evidence to these concerns, suggesting that ⁣Hunter may have been using his connections to gain ‍access and influence within the Obama-Biden administration.

The memo ‍also brings attention to the⁤ larger issue of corruption in Ukraine. The plan outlined in the memo highlights the importance of anti-corruption reforms that the‌ U.S. was pushing for in Ukraine. However,​ the fact that Burisma, a company under investigation for corruption, was able‍ to gain access to senior officials raises questions about​ the effectiveness of these reforms and the extent of corruption within ⁣the country.

The release of ⁣this memo by the House Ways and Means Committee adds another layer to ​the ongoing controversy ‍surrounding Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian scandal. It raises important questions about the⁢ potential influence and special access given⁣ to those‌ with political connections, and the need for transparency and accountability in government.

As the investigation into these matters continues, it is crucial to⁣ examine the role of Hunter Biden⁣ and his connections in ‍order to ensure the integrity of our political ​system. Transparency and accountability are essential to maintaining public ‍trust and confidence in our government. Only by addressing these concerns‍ can we uphold the principles of democracy and ensure a fair and just​ society ⁣for all.

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