Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace cautions against OnlyFans, highlights men’s honesty.

Trace Cyrus Warns Young Women⁣ About OnlyFans

Trace Cyrus, the guitarist for the band Metro Station and brother to pop star Miley⁤ Cyrus, is speaking out​ about‍ the dangers ‍of OnlyFans, a subscription-based‍ platform known for ⁢its explicit content.

In a recent post on ⁤X (formerly Twitter), Trace, 34, expressed concern ‍for ‌girls who have⁣ an OnlyFans account and struggle to find meaningful relationships. He emphasized the importance ⁢of understanding the risks ‍of selling one’s body and highlighted the true sources of happiness,‌ such as family, children, and a ⁣loving partner.

“Many girls who ​do OnlyFans have missed‍ out on‍ the opportunity to settle down with‌ a morally ⁣upright man,” he‍ wrote. “These men are often ​labeled ⁤as insecure​ for having standards.”

Trace continued, “While⁤ these girls‌ may receive⁢ attention ‌from men on OnlyFans, they mistakenly believe they have numerous options. However, any man who is ‌desperate enough to pay for sexual‌ content is ultimately a loser. Successful men⁢ may engage ⁤with these girls, but they don’t see them as potential‌ wives.”

He further explained, “I’ve noticed that these girls are now ⁤speaking up about their struggles in ‍finding serious relationships. Men primarily view them as ⁢objects of desire, ⁣rather than valuing them as future⁢ wives, mothers, or loyal partners.”

Despite his concerns, Trace acknowledged that there are genuinely good people who participate in OnlyFans. However, he believes that the independent‍ mindset of ‍not needing a man can lead‍ to‌ a lonely future and toxic relationships.

Trace concluded his post by expressing ‍his hope that more girls will speak out about ​the risks associated with OnlyFans. He firmly believes that having ⁢a loving partner and a family will bring greater ‍happiness in old age than any experiences on the platform.

The post quickly went ⁢viral, garnering nearly 16⁣ million views and sparking both‌ support and criticism. Despite the backlash, Trace has stood his⁢ ground and refused to apologize.

As⁣ noted​ by ⁤PageSix,⁣ a former “Teen Mom” reality star who⁢ now has an OnlyFans account accused Trace of sexism. In response, the musician sarcastically remarked, “I’ve‍ been defeated. ⁢The most⁤ intelligent woman of this ⁢generation has put me in check. I retract my original statement. Every woman ​in ‍the world⁤ should ⁢have an ⁣OnlyFans.”

Trace ⁣later reaffirmed his stance, stating, “I stand ‌by everything ⁢I said. I won’t be reading any ⁤more responses ⁢to my posts. ‌Most of you‌ have shown that you lack ⁤the intelligence to engage in a respectful discussion without resorting to verbal abuse and‌ name-calling.”

WATCH: Trace Cyrus Rips Into Only⁣ Fans

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