Exclusive — Victorious State Senator-Elect Edward Durr: 'Truck Drivers Are Not Stupid People'

“Truck drivers are not stupid people,” Edward Durr, a Republican state senator-elect in New Jersey, told Breitbart News on Sunday as he credited his election to public opposition of lockdowns and mask mandates ostensibly decreed by authorities to reduce coronavirus transmission.

Breitbart News reported on Durr’s victory, “Truck driver Edward Durr (R), who stunned the political world this week by apparently defeating New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D), told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he won because voters were tired of the government ‘messing with people’s families.’”

Following the coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) issued varying decrees restricting News Jersians’ freedom of association and movement, including a “stay-at-home order” and mask mandates imposed on children in public schools.

Durr remarked, “What Governor [Phil] Murphy had done [was he] violated people’s rights. You cannot tell people they can’t work, and they can’t go to church, and they have to have their kids in masks in schools. And then you go and show the hypocrisy of you marching with BLM.”

“We have to stop this abuse of our children, forcing children to wear masks,” he stated. “If a parent wants their child to wear a mask, it will be the parent’s choice. If a parent wants their child to take the vaccine, that will be the parent’s choice. If a parent wants their child to be taught about sex education, that will be the parent’s — not the government’s — choice.”

Durr noted the political interest and acumen of many truck drivers and how the logistics of the job allow for the consumption of political information.

“Truck drivers are not stupid people,” he remarked. “We’re on the road all the time, so we have our downtime, and we read books, and we listen to radio, so we get to gather knowledge. So we’re actually not as dumb as most people think we are.”

Durr described his victory as a possible harbinger of future conservative grassroots political victories in elections.

He concluded, “I know that as long as the people keep making their voices heard, the Democrats are going to have to listen. Even though they still hold the majority, they’re going to have to listen because if the Senate president can get beat, you can get beat. So pay attention and listen to the people.”

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