EXCLUSIVE: The Border Crisis That Kamala Harris Didn’t See . . .

EXCLUSIVE: The Border Crisis That Kamala Harris Didn’t See . . .

Vice President Kamala Harris is making her way to the southern border for the first time to see the crisis head-on, however the Daily Caller has spent weeks documenting the crisis — not the politics — with boots on the ground.

Here are the archives . . .

In one scenario, a property owner along the U.S.-Mexico border takes Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura along the border.

“Three months ago, right there at the corner, right here, I asked a little boy in Spanish ‘where is your daddy?’ and it was all men [standing nearby] and I asked the little boy ‘where’s your daddy?’ [and he said] ‘he’s not here’.”

“A man that was like in his thirties, standing like five feet away, he howled at him,’you lied! I’m right here.’ He was not the dad. I don’t care. He was not the dad,” the landowner told Ventura.


But this wasn’t the only case of apparent human trafficking. Ventura asked a group of migrants walking with a young boy whether that was their son.

“No,” the female migrant replied before walking away. (RELATED: DHS Chief Lashes Out At GOP Rep, Says VP Harris Familiar With Border Situation)

Other video footage captures dozens of migrants crossing the Rio Grande river into Texas, with one migrant from Venezuela throwing his arms up in the air after kissing the ground, seemingly on the verge of tears, saying: “God Bless this land, God Bless you!”

When asked why the Venezuelans made the treacherous journey to the U.S., a passionate woman tells Ventura, “We were living under a criminal regime!”

Another migrant from Guatemala told Ventura she came because President Joe Biden is in office and people in Guatemala “want to kidnap our kids.”

“That is why we are taking a big risk coming to America. Guatemala is too dangerous.”

Amid the border crisis, a majority of Americans want Biden to enact tougher immigration policies to curb illegal immigration, a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll found.

Biden rescinded a slew of Trump-era policies, such as the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy which required migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their claims were processed. Biden also ended construction of the border wall.

Harris visited the southern border for the first time Friday after weeks of avoiding the area.

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