Exclusive Poll: Majority of Voters Say 'No Mandates' in Response to the Omicron Variant

Most voters do not believe there should be mandates in response to the Omicron variant, a Convention of States/Trafalgar Group survey released exclusively to Breitbart News found.

The survey asked voters, “What is your opinion on the new Omicron variant of Covid-19?” and provided a series of options. It found that a majority of voters, overall, 69.4 percent, say that increased mandates and restrictions are “not needed.” Of those, 31.1 percent say it is “not a serious health risk,” while 38.3 percent say “regardless of risk, increased mandates and restrictions” are “not needed.”

Overall, 30.6 percent believe the Omicron variant poses a “serious health risk that warrants stricter mandates and restrictions.”

Notably, a majority of Republicans (86.5 percent), independents (67 percent), and Democrats (54.5 percent) agree with the bottom line that there should not be any more mandates in response to the variant, regardless of the risk. Among those, 50.3 percent of Republicans say Omicron is “not a serious health risk” — a sentiment held by 18.4 percent of independents and 21.4 percent of Democrats. 

The survey, taken December 4-7, 2021, among 1,084 likely general election voters, has a margin of error of +/- 2.98 percent. 

For months, even prior to the Omicron variant, public health officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci have cautioned against relaxing coronavirus mandates.

“If we do a good job in getting the overwhelming majority of that cohort vaccinated, we very well may have a situation where the cases go down and we can say no masks,” Fauci said in November. “I hope that that’s as we get through the winter and into the spring.”

This week, World Health Organization (W.H.O.) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus mentioned recently data out of South Africa suggesting that “there is also some evidence that Omicron causes milder disease than Delta.”

The South African doctor who identified the virus also said the symptoms seem to be “extremely mild,” speaking specifically of a 33-year-old patient who experienced body aches, a headache, and scratchy throat.

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