EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Think Tank’s Star Lawsuit Witness Admits to Tommy Robinson That They Bribed Him For Testimony Against US Congressional Staffer


Salacious hit pieces splashed across the internet on Tuesday evening against a US Congressional staffer who previously helped the Tommy Robinson campaign.

The tabloid style articles from the UK’s Daily Mail and The Times claim that US congressional staffer Lisa Barbounis misappropriated funds from her former employer, the Middle East Forum, while she was assisting Tommy Robinson’s campaign in the UK.

The MEF is currently suing Barbounis and claiming that she was having a “cocaine fueled affair” with Robinson’s “right-hand man” Danny Tommo, whose real name is Daniel Thomas, and misused funds from the think tank for hotel rooms and a down payment for him to buy a house. The two news outlets unquestioningly ran this version of the story.

Here’s the truth:

Thomas was jailed for two years in 2016 for attempted kidnapping and has been repeatedly accused of abusing women.

While Barbounis did have a relationship with Thomas, she has maintained that the other allegations are not true and are simply retaliation from MEF after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against her former boss. The MEF director is currently facing four sexual harassment lawsuits that were filed prior to the allegations they have made against Barbounis. He also had additional Equal Opportunity Employment Commission claims filed against him that never made it to court, according to sources who wish to remain anonymous.

The think tank claims that Thomas used money intended to hold a rally in support of Robinson and that he used them for himself. Barbounis was simply sent to the UK to make sure that the rally ran smoothly.

Multiple people who know Barbounis have told the Gateway Pundit that they have never seen Barbounis use illegal drugs, something that this reporter can attest to as well, as full disclosure, we are friends. This reporter was also present when Barbounis met Thomas and he went out of his way to woo her in October — well after the date of apparent misappropriation of funds in June. He repeatedly claimed that he was separated from the mother of his children.

In shocking audio provided to the Gateway Pundit of phone calls between Thomas and Robinson, the MEF’s star witness admits that he was given a “wink” from MEF to testify against Barbounis — heavily implying that he is being bribed.

Thomas also refers to Barbounis as a “c-nt” and repeatedly claims that she ruined his life and his relationship with the mother of the children, which sounds like he is attempting to retaliate for her informing his children’s mother about the affair. He also claims that his ex is now using crack because of “what he did to her.”

“Yeah, I’m f-cking testifying underoath bruv,” Thomas tells Robinson in the recorded phone call. “I’m taking her to f-cking town,” he adds, before calling her a “c-nt.” He says that she “f-cking ruined my life.”

Thomas goes on to explain that the MEF is upset that Barbounis was portraying herself in the court as a married woman, and wanted him to testify to destroy her image.

“So Greg contacted me, gave me, you know, a little wink,” and asked for his help, Thomas says. “Based on making sure she’s proven to be a liar in court, I’m their star witness,” he adds.

Thomas also says that they asked him about the donor list and he said he didn’t know anything about it. 

Robinson goes on to ask Thomas how he knows that the MEF won’t “f-ck you over” once they are done with him. He says that he has never seen the donor list, and that they could prove it by contacting them and asking. 

“They just want to prove that Lisa was talking about their donors away from MEF,” Thomas says. “I don’t give a f-ck if they sort me out or not bruv, as long as I f-ck her over” he says, again implying that he has been promised something in return for his testimony.

He then explains that his child’s mother is doing crack because she found out about their affair and that this is retaliation.

“She ruined everything,” he goes on.

It seems as though this was a clear case of a relationship gone wrong later being used to squash sexual harassment claims — and an uninquisitive media running any juicy story they can find.

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