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Peter Navarro, former Trump adviser, plans to appeal ‘outrageous’ convictions.

An Official Vows⁢ to Appeal Convictions, Calls Out Political Bias

An official ⁣who served under President Donald Trump’s administration vowed Tuesday to appeal his convictions on two⁤ counts of contempt of Congress.

During a Newsmax interview, Peter Navarro said that “we’re gonna win this fight, that’s why God created the appeals court,” coming days after ⁤his ⁢convictions were ​handed down.

Mr. Navarro, who⁤ was a White House economic adviser, was‌ convicted ⁣last week for not complying‌ with ‍a subpoena that was issued by the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Republicans have ​accused the panel, ⁤which was dominated by Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, of having a significant political bias.

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“It’s⁣ outrageous what they’re doing to me, and everybody I​ worked with,” ⁢Mr. Navarro told ⁤Newsmax. “Everybody in that frigging White House that⁣ I went in ⁣with on 2017, January, is facing massive legal bills and possible ⁣prison time because these SOBs want to keep ‍Trump out of the White House.”

The former president, meanwhile, defended Mr. Navarro in a social media post on Sept. 8, ⁢saying the‍ Jan. 6 committee was ​filled with “thugs” and ‍”hacks.”

“They should be the⁢ ones who are prosecuted, not Peter Navarro who, by the way,​ was [the] ⁤single greatest trade negotiator against China, who paid the U.S. hundreds of⁤ billions of dollars during the Trump Administration (never paid ten cents before ‍us!),” the former president⁣ wrote on Truth Social. “Only China is celebrating the Navarro ​conviction!”

Reacting to the conviction, former⁤ New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, ‍a Trump‍ attorney, ‌also told Newsmax Friday that‍ “I was with former president‌ Trump when we ⁤found out about it [on Thursday], and I’ve got to tell ⁤you, he was really, ‍really upset about it.”

Mr. Navarro was the second Trump aide ⁢to face contempt of Congress charges‌ after former White House adviser Steve Bannon. Now a host of the “War Room” show, Mr. Bannon, was convicted ‌of‍ two⁣ counts and was sentenced ⁢to four months behind bars, though ‍he has been free pending appeal.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta found that⁢ Mr. Navarro didn’t ​have enough evidence to show President Trump had invoked executive privilege. The ⁢judge ⁣scheduled ⁣Navarro’s ⁤sentencing for Jan. 12.

“This ​is a landmark case that’s bound for ‌the Supreme Court,” Mr.‌ Navarro said. Defense attorney John Rowley echoed his ⁤statement, saying “this‌ case is not over ‌by a long shot.”

Mr. Navarro was convicted in Washington’s federal courthouse of two ​misdemeanor counts of contempt of Congress, both punishable ‍by up to a year behind bars. The charges also carry fines of up‌ to $100,000.

Prosecutors argued at trial that the former ⁣Trump adviser acted as if⁢ he ⁤were “above the law” when he defied a subpoena for documents and a deposition from the House⁤ Jan. 6 committee.

“Peter Navarro made a choice. He chose not abide ‌by the congressional subpoena,” prosecutor Elizabeth Aloi said. “The defendant chose allegiance to former ‍President Donald Trump over compliance‌ to the subpoena.”

A defense attorney countered that⁤ Mr. Navarro didn’t ⁣purposely ignore the House Jan. 6 Committee. Instead, according to the lawyer, Mr. Navarro ‌told staffers to⁤ contact the former⁢ president about what might​ be protected by‍ executive privilege, something that didn’t happen.

Bryan Lanza, a⁤ former Trump campaign adviser, told the BBC last week that the prosecution appeared ‌to ‌be politically motivated.

“It is‍ not uncommon ⁢for Congress to hold former or serving members⁤ of presidential‌ administrations in contempt,” he ​said. “It is uncommon for the actual justice department to⁤ go​ forward with these prosecutions.”

Former Attorney⁢ General Eric‌ Holder speaks at the National Action⁤ Network’s annual ‍convention ⁤in New York City ‌on‍ April 3, 2019. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

He made reference to former Attorney General Eric Holder, a‌ Democrat ⁢who served under former‍ President ⁣Barack ⁢Obama, having been found⁣ in contempt of Congress ​in 2012 for not handing ⁣over subpoenaed documents. Mr. Holder was never criminally prosecuted over the matter, while Republicans have long ​said it’s‌ a sign of a double standard.

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