Ex-NBA Player Says TikTok Blocked Him For Posting About ‘China’s Human Rights Abuses’

Former NBA player who has since become a human rights activist, Enes Freedom, claimed that TikTok is censoring material that is harmful to the Chinese government.

Freedom, who has played for a number of NBA teams, including the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks, claimed to have downloaded the Chinese-owned video-sharing application and written about China’s violations of human rights.

“I bought myself a second phone and downloaded Tiktok to start posting about China’s human rights abuses,” Freedom tweeted on Thursday. Freedom said he was quickly booted from the platform. He believes China’s government was behind the decision.

“It literally took the CCP one week to ban me permanently,” he wrote, adding, “TikTok is a Chinese Communist surveillance vehicle!”

” Start stealing other people’s data!” added rights

After his TikTok account was banned, Freedom posted what appear to be pictures of it.

” Your account was suspended for all time for breaking our Community Guidelines. Include a description of the problem below if you want to challenge this ruling, according to TikTok’s statement on behalf of Freedom.


According to another picture, TikTok appears to have reviewed and addressed Freedom’s argument. According to TikTok’s information to Freedom, the balance still disobeys its rules and” may be restored.”

According to a picture, the statement reads,” You’ll no longer be able to log into TikTok with your accounts.”

Freedom was a girl who immigrated to the United States from Turkey. In 2021, he formally changed his final term to Freedom upon becoming an American citizen.

In 2022, Freedom was cut by the Houston Rockets, effectively halting his NBA career. Freedom has said he believes he was cut due to his outspoken criticism of the Chinese Communist Party.

Convenience stated at the time,” Because I spoke out against what is happening in China in recent months.” ” Mind, a sizable portion of the market in the NBA is the Chinese market.” So long as it doesn’t hurt their wallet, they’ll let you hear about whatever you want. They will lower you as soon as you do that. It is unethical and extremely depressing.

Legislators in Washington are presently looking into TikTok’s handling of Americans’ information due to national security concerns.

Unless TikTok’s family company, ByteDance, sells the U.S. version of the game, the Biden administration has threatened to outlaw the application in the United States.

On Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee and attempted to reassure lawmakers that there is no reason to ban TikTok. However, Chew did not answer directly when asked whether Chinese officials at ByteDance had helped him prepare for the congressional hearing.

Chew added that he opposes the forced purchases of the TikTok game in the United States.

The Taiwanese and U.S. institutions are at odds with one another due to the tensions surrounding TikTok. On Thursday, the Chinese government voiced its opinion, declaring that it would” vehemently resist” the price of TikTok.

In the midst of the investigation, TikTok updated its Community Guidelines on Tuesday to add new limitations on AI-generated images of children and personal figures as well as restrictions on vaccines and climate change.

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