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Former Fox producer speaks out after calling Biden a “wannabe dictator.”

Alexander McCaskill Gives His Version of Departure from Fox News

A longtime producer ousted from Fox News over an on-air graphic has given his version of how his departure from the network unfolded.

Alexander McCaskill resigned after producing a chyron on Tuesday that appeared under on split-screen video that showed President Joe Biden on one side and former President Donald Trump on the other.

The graphic was displayed on the day of Trump’s arraignment on federal document mishandling charges, as Mediaite reported.

The chyron stated, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.

Tucker Carlson Announces McCaskill’s Departure

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced the news of McCaskill’s departure from the network in Thursday’s episode of “Tucker on Twitter.”

McCaskill formerly served as a managing editor for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” — before Carlson’s own abrupt termination from Fox.

“Inside Fox, the women who run the network panicked,” Carlson said.

“First they scolded the producer who put the banner on the screen. Less than 24 hours after that, he resigned.

“He’d been at Fox for more than a decade and was considered one of the most capable people in the building. He offered to stay for the customary two weeks, but Fox told him to clear out his desk and leave immediately.”

McCaskill also announced his own departure from Fox in private Instagram post, according to The Daily Beast. In his account, he “asked them to let me go, and they finally did.”

Should Fox News have let this producer go?

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“Today was my last day at FOX. It’s been a wild 10 years and it was the best place I’ve ever worked because of the great people I met.

“But the time has come. I asked them to let me go, and they finally did.”

“To all my friends there: I will miss you forever.”

Biographer Claims an Exodus Is Underway: Tucker Carlson’s Team Is Growing Bigger

The Instagram post was published to Twitter by Daily Beast social media reporter Justin Baragona.

McCaskill has since accepted a position with Carlson’s nascent media venture, according to Carlson biographer Chadwick Moore.

“He is one of at least three former producers who have left Fox to join Tucker’s new venture,” McCaskill wrote.

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