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Former Biden administration official, who identified as non-binary, allegedly stole luggage while on a taxpayer-funded trip.

Former Biden ⁤Energy Department⁤ Official ⁤Caught ⁢Stealing Luggage

Former⁣ “non-binary” Biden ‌Energy ‍Department official Sam Brinton rolled off‌ with ⁤a woman’s suitcase from Harry Reid International Airport ​in Las⁢ Vegas last ⁤year while on a taxpayer-funded⁢ trip, according to a ​federal ⁢watchdog group.

Brinton, who President Joe Biden tapped to ⁣serve‌ as the⁢ deputy assistant secretary of ⁢the Office of‍ Spent Fuel‍ and Waste Disposition in the U.S. ⁤Department of Energy, was⁢ fired six months later amid allegations of stealing ‍luggage and women’s ⁢clothing from at least⁤ three different‍ airports.

But during ​one of Brinton’s luggage ⁤heists, ‌the⁤ federal watchdog ‌Functional Government Initiative‍ (FGI) report provided​ to The New York Post found⁢ that he was in⁢ Vegas on business representing the ⁤Energy Department when airport surveillance captured ​images of him swiping a⁢ woman’s suitcase.

“Not​ only did Sam Brinton commit ⁤a ​crime, the illegal ⁤shopping spree was funded by taxpayers,” Pete ⁢McGinnis, FGI’s director‌ of communications, told The ⁣Post. “The‍ pattern of petty ‍theft shows that Brinton never‍ should’ve been hired and‌ given⁤ a‍ security clearance in the first place.”

Taxpayer-Funded ⁣Trip ⁢and⁢ Luxury Stay

  • The business ​trip occurred⁢ from July ‌6 through ‍July ⁢9,‌ 2022.
  • It included​ a meeting and ‍site‍ visit to DOE ‍Las ⁢Vegas Site.
  • The ‍four-day ‌trip cost taxpayers​ $1,951.50.

The documentation ⁤also revealed ​that⁤ Brinton stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations⁤ Club located on the Las ⁣Vegas Strip.

Authorities initially charged Brinton with a felony based on ⁢the‍ belief he ‍stole $3,670 worth ⁤of items. However, the former Biden official ⁤agreed to pay ​the ⁢victim ⁤more than $3,500 in restitution and received⁣ a⁤ suspended ‌180-day jail sentence⁣ under‌ the assumption Brinton would⁢ obey the law.

Brinton pleaded ⁣“no‍ contest” to the misdemeanor theft.

Brinton, who ⁢has ⁤dressed in drag⁣ and boasted online about his‌ puppy ​role-play fetish, first came under fire⁣ in⁤ December 2022 for allegedly ​stealing a⁢ woman’s ⁢luggage in Minneapolis.

Authorities charged Brinton with stealing luggage at the Minneapolis-St. Paul‌ airport,⁤ where he allegedly removed a tag from ⁢a navy blue Vera Bradley​ suitcase‌ bag,​ dropped it into his handbag, and “then left the area at a quick ⁢pace” on September 16, 2022, according to ​a ⁤criminal complaint.

And earlier this year, authorities‍ arrested ⁢Brinton ⁣at a house in Rockville, Maryland, as a “fugitive‌ from justice” for allegedly stealing luggage belonging to Tanzanian⁢ fashion designer⁣ Asya Khamsin.

Khamsin previously appeared ⁣on ⁣“Tucker ⁣Carlson Tonight” in March, saying ⁢that her luggage⁤ had been stolen from Reagan National​ Airport⁤ in 2018⁢ on the way‍ to a fashion show,⁤ causing catastrophe ‌because she could not show her designs.

Brinton was later‌ pictured wearing⁤ one of her one-of-a-kind designs that had been in the suitcase, ⁢she said.

Authorities‌ later ⁢revealed that despite ⁣Brinton’s “non-binary”‍ identifier, he would be placed in ⁢a‍ men’s‌ jail in Maryland before being released ⁣on bond in June.

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