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EU Issues Warning to China to Not Cross Red Line by Arming Russia

China has been warned by the European Union that it would cross into the EU. “red line” Russia if it sends weapons to the country. These remarks were made ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s In a meeting with a Chinese diplomat, he expressed the desire to have deeper strategic cooperation.

“I expressed our strong concern about China providing arms to Russia. I asked him not to do that, and expressing not only our concern, but the fact that for us, it would be a red line in our relationship,” Josep Borrell is the European Union’s High Rep of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. He spoke out about a Saturday meeting with Wang Yi, a Chinese diplomat. Politico.

“He told me that they’re not going to do it, that they don’t plan to do it,” Borrell stated in Monday’s comments that he added: “But we will remain vigilant.”

The EU’s foreign ministers warned China to stay within the boundaries of this line during a meeting at Brussels’ Foreign Affairs Council.

“If such a decision is taken [by China] it will definitely have consequences, of course,” said Tobias Billström, foreign minister of Sweden. “We stand side by side with the United States on that message.”

“There were those who expected the West … not to be united when it came to the Russian attack on Ukraine, but we were united. So I would think that, drawing from this lesson, there would be enough arguments for China not to assist Russia in its genocidal war in Ukraine,” Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuanian Foreign Minister, stated.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky China is urged to remain “pragmatic” Not to support Russia.

“I personally have appealed to the Chinese leadership through direct channels and publicly not to offer any support to the Russians in this war. My hope is that Beijing will maintain a pragmatic attitude, because otherwise we are risking World War III, I think they are well aware of that,” He spoke in an interview to Italian media. “Our relationship with China has always been excellent, we have had intense economic relations for many years, and it is in everyone’s interest that they do not change.”

The comments came days after Putin had also met with Yi. They expressed their support for strengthening ties between both countries.

According to the BBCYi stated that relations between the countries would not be compromised by pressure from other countries and that both countries were prepared to work together. “deepen a strategic cooperation.”

Yi claimed that China is “ready to strengthen its partnership with Moscow in the interest of the two countries and the whole world,” According to the BBC

Putin claimed that relations between China Russia Both countries are advancing well and could see new trade levels this year.

Yi stated that ahead of the meeting “thanks to the efforts” The relationship between Putin and the Chinese President Xi Jinping is improving, according to reports “in a highly dynamic way.”

“Russia and China remain determined and committed to a multi-polar world with no hegemonies,” Yi told Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

Yi also said that he would work for “strengthen and deepen” The relations between the two countries are being improved and the government expects to reach new agreements on Wednesday.

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