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Establishment Dems Stick with Biden Due to RFK Jr. and Old-School Charm.

Joe‍ Biden’s Political ⁣Decline

Joe Biden is a⁣ walking dead ⁣man, politically. His‍ approval⁢ ratings⁣ are‌ in ​the‍ tank, ⁣and ⁣a stunning ​72 ‍percent of Americans ‌think the ⁢country is ⁤on the ‍“wrong ⁣track,” ⁣according to a recent ​survey.⁣ Biden’s cognitive⁢ decline⁤ is ⁤embarrassingly obvious. He⁤ is ‍already 80 ⁢years old⁣ — the ‌oldest ​president ⁣the ‌country has ever had. He would⁤ be​ 86 at the end of a second ⁢term, assuming he lived ⁤that long,⁤ which​ troubles even his supporters.

The ‍Stench of ⁢Corruption

On ⁢top ⁤of all ⁤of ⁢this, he is surrounded ​by the⁣ stench of corruption: ‌House ​Republican investigators say they‍ have evidence ‍that Biden and his⁢ family ​received‍ $10 million‌ (possibly many millions more) through⁢ complicated financial back channels from Ukrainian,⁢ Chinese,​ and Romanian sources. Moreover, the ⁢evidence comes not only ‍from​ Hunter Biden’s ‍laptop⁢ and from the testimony of Hunter’s business‌ associates, but from‍ suspicious activity​ reports that banks filed with the ‌Treasury.

Add to that the⁢ testimony ⁢of⁣ credible⁢ IRS whistleblowers⁢ claiming Hunter got⁤ break‍ after ⁣break from ⁢the ​Justice Department ​officials who ⁤were supposed ⁤to⁢ be investigating ⁢him, that his ‍plea ⁣bargain with them⁢ was a sweetheart deal, and that he‍ made off with millions ⁤in unpaid‌ taxes — now⁢ not collectible.

And don’t⁢ forget⁢ about the pouch of ‌cocaine found​ in⁣ Biden’s White​ House (which the president⁤ laughs off) or his‌ seventh grandchild ⁣(whom ‍he doesn’t acknowledge).

It’s⁢ not ⁤a good ​look ⁤for a president up for reelection —⁤ especially​ one ‌whom shameless legacy ‌media shelter from hard questioning. What if they turned on him?

Biden ⁣has become ⁤more of a liability than ‌an asset. ​In such circumstances, a political party ‍would ⁢normally​ search‌ for a different ‍presidential candidate. ⁢The Democrats ​could ⁣focus attention on, ⁢let’s‌ say,‌ Gov.⁢ Gavin Newsom of‍ California. And ​if ⁢the⁢ will ‌were there, it ​would ⁣not be unduly ‍hard to ease Biden out of the‍ Oval Office. A⁤ delegation of top ‍Democrat leaders could have⁤ a⁤ private conversation ⁣with him, thank‍ him for his service in ‍defeating Donald‍ Trump, and⁣ tell him​ it ‍is ‍time to go. ⁤Or ⁤The ‍New​ York Times and The ⁤Washington⁣ Post could begin ⁤publicizing Biden scandals⁢ instead ‌of chloroforming the stories.

Even⁤ if all that ⁤failed,‍ the⁢ Democrats could⁢ ask⁤ their ⁢deep-state enforcers in the FBI and CIA‌ to​ pay ⁢him a⁢ visit, show him a ‍dossier⁤ of the nasty​ secrets​ they‍ have on him and his‌ family,⁤ and⁢ threaten to ⁢spill⁤ them ​all‍ if he ⁢does ‌not vanish from⁢ the scene.

But the⁤ Democrats are not a normal party,‍ and they simply‌ can’t ditch Biden — ⁣not even ‍if running Biden again​ carries the ⁢risk⁤ that ‍a ​third-party‌ candidate‌ might emerge, or⁤ that⁣ Donald Trump might‌ be elected again.

The ​Kennedy Factor

Why‍ is this? One piece⁢ of​ the answer⁣ is ⁤that if⁣ Biden‌ were ⁣dropped, the heiress-apparent ​would be his vice president: Kamala Harris. If nothing else is ‌obvious ⁢in American ​politics, ‌the ⁤fact that Harris​ is not a good ‌politician is⁣ beyond​ clear. ⁣However,‌ throwing her under the bus⁣ would‌ be awkward and ‍nasty ​because ⁢she represents the‍ triumph ​of ‌intersectionality — the core Democrat ideological position.

The ‍main reason why the Democrats can’t⁣ ditch Biden, however,⁤ is‌ that ⁤it would open up‍ the​ nomination to ⁣primaries and ​public debate. And in those⁢ primaries, Newsom and Harris would not​ be the only⁣ contenders.‍ They’d be ⁣joined by​ Robert Kennedy‍ Jr., the⁤ 69-year-old lawyer son⁣ of Robert Kennedy, ‌who was⁣ assassinated⁤ while⁤ campaigning for the Democrat nomination in 1968, and the nephew of former ​Democrat President John⁣ F.‌ Kennedy.

The Kennedy name is ​a⁣ unique asset.​ It ‍carries ​an⁤ unequaled ‍mystique⁤ in⁤ American politics: ‌Neither⁤ the Bush nor‌ the would-be Clinton dynasties ​can⁢ touch it. To‌ this​ day, millions of ⁢Americans, especially older Democrats,⁤ look back with ⁤nostalgia ‌at the ‍Camelot⁢ years of ⁤JFK. Though⁢ one or two bizarro left-wing commentators have said‌ that RFK is not⁤ a⁤ true Democrat, ⁣polls ‍reported⁢ that RFK Jr. commanded ⁤a significant percentage of the Democratic Party⁣ vote ⁣right ⁤out ‍of the box.

After weeks of shellacking (as⁢ a “conspiracy” theorist) ⁤by⁣ the ​lapdog press,⁤ he’s still around‍ 14-15 ‌percent‌ — with ⁣high favorability ⁢ratings as ‌well. He might run ‍unopposed ​in the⁣ Democrats’ New‌ Hampshire ​primary, where ‌Biden seems afraid to take him⁤ on.⁤ If he ​beats Biden in New Hampshire, there is no saying ⁢where ⁣he​ might go next (For example, ⁣some ‍readers will ‌remember‍ that in‌ the 1968 ⁤New ⁢Hampshire primary,⁤ Sen. Eugene McCarthy beat the unpopular incumbent President Lyndon B.⁤ Johnson — paving the⁤ way for RFK Jr.’s father‍ to challenge LBJ and ⁤force him out‌ of the ⁤race).

The⁢ Problem‍ for the⁢ Democratic Party

Why‌ should this be a problem⁣ for ⁤the Democratic⁣ Party‍ establishment? RFK Jr.⁢ avows sympathy for populism, says he ⁣welcomes the good ​words that​ Donald‌ Trump has‍ for him, and‌ favors gun rights.‌ However, he’s⁢ not a Republican or ‍even much of​ a social ‍conservative‌ — ‍he’s​ somewhat ​pro-abortion‍ and pro-affirmative action.‌ He’s also ⁣a convinced environmentalist and is ⁣in⁢ favor⁣ of regulating ⁣business.

But⁣ he parts ‌company⁣ decisively with⁤ the current Democratic Party as it ‌has evolved⁢ since Barack Obama left office. And therein ⁢lies ‌the ⁤rub.

Kennedy is⁣ a Democrat, ⁣but an ⁢old-school Democrat⁤ — the‌ kind of politician⁤ Joe Biden used‌ to⁤ hold himself out ​to ‍be but isn’t anymore. RFK Jr.‍ talks‌ about issues that really matter⁤ to middle- and ⁣working-class Americans, most ⁤of whom are being left in ‍the⁢ dust‍ under Biden’s⁣ economy. These are​ people who worry about how to afford‍ basic ⁣housing, pay their⁣ car⁤ loans, meet next month’s credit​ card bills, or, ​increasingly, even find food.

When ‌the ‍corporate media aren’t‍ trying to⁣ distract attention from Kennedy’s major themes‍ by ⁢turning the conversation to vaccine​ mandates or ⁢“who killed ‍JFK,” he talks about the dangers that Big⁣ Pharma⁤ poses ⁢to our political ⁢system, how the ​defense ⁢industry ⁣keeps us‍ in perpetual war, and why polluters can ​manipulate ​the environmental bureaucrats​ who⁤ are ‍supposed to ‌be regulating ⁢them. He‍ also calls⁣ for more⁢ vigorous antitrust enforcement and an⁤ end‍ to ⁤corporate censorship.

What’s more,⁣ he ‍breaks⁢ ranks with both parties ⁤by calling for‌ a ​serious ⁢debate over Biden’s proxy⁤ war in Ukraine and excoriates Biden’s decision to⁣ supply⁣ cluster bombs⁣ to​ Ukraine⁢ (for ⁤uses that the Biden ⁢administration used ‍to consider war crimes). And —‍ uniquely in our politics — he denounces,⁢ in ⁣express terms, the⁢ oligarchs ⁢and plutocrats ⁤who‌ are‍ the real governing class ⁢in this ‌nation.

This is ‍the only presidential candidate you will hear saying, “My ⁢mission ‍over the ‍next 18⁤ months​ of this ⁤campaign and throughout ⁢my presidency⁣ will ⁢be to end the corrupt merger of state ‌and⁢ corporate power that‌ is⁣ threatening ‌…​ to‌ impose a new ⁤kind⁢ of​ corporate ⁢feudalism⁤ in​ our ‍country.”

Even Kennedy’s‍ vaccine⁢ skepticism revolves around ‍this anti-corporatism. ⁢Kennedy⁢ opposes a ⁢law, passed ⁢in the ⁤late​ 1980s, that absolved ⁣vaccine makers ‌from the threat of lawsuits.

All this makes ⁣him​ completely unacceptable to ⁢the ​corporatist, elite-managed⁢ Democratic ⁢Party forged by Bill Clinton and⁣ Barack⁣ Obama — ⁢the one for which Joe‍ Biden now‌ carries ⁤water.

So‌ expect establishment Democrats to rally around⁣ Biden. Bad as he⁢ is,‌ at least⁤ he ⁣fends off the ‌risk‌ of ⁢open⁤ primaries that ‍might ‍demonstrate the appeal ​that RFK Jr.’s⁣ ideas have⁢ for millions⁤ of ordinary ⁣folks in their party ⁤— moderate ‌voters ⁢who aren’t woke, obsessed with the ​transgender craze ‍and ⁣mutilating surgery for children, or ​convinced ⁤that⁢ unrestricted​ abortion‍ is sacramental.

And expect the leftist ⁤media ⁣to be both ‍vicious and relentless‍ in⁣ trying ‌to‌ marginalize‍ Kennedy. Watch how they will​ do everything in‌ their power ​to suppress ⁤his⁣ ideas ⁤about oligarchic power,⁣ economic‍ injustice, and the sway of ​the ‍corporate-feudalist ‍state.

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