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Eric Holder to campaign for Janet Protasiewicz in high-stakes Wisconsin Supreme Court race

Former Attorney General Eric Holder will head to Wisconsin to campaign for progressive candidate Janet Protasiewicz in the state’s high-stakes Supreme Court race, billed as one of the country’s most consequential elections of the year.

After conservative Justice Patience Roggensack retires later this year, the winner of the April 4 race between Judge Protasiewicz and former Justice Dan Kelly — the conservative candidate in the race— will likely tip the state’s highest court and deliver tying votes on abortion, partisan gerrymandering, and election law.


Holder is the president of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a group that works to redraw district drawings that greatly favor Republicans. Holder previously served as President Barack Obama’s attorney general for almost eight years.

According to the radical representative, Brooke Lillard, Holder may visit the Badger State” in the days leading up to” the vote to” help get out the for” for Protasiewicz.

Obama added his perspective to the debate by tweeting next week,” Today marks the Wisconsin Supreme Court election’s first day of original voting.” Don’t delay until April 4th; it’s going to be around. Create a plan to cast your ballot today, and tell your friends and family to follow suit.

In February, Kelly and Protasiewicz won a four-way main that broke the previous record for participation and is poised to become the most expensive state Supreme Court competition in American history.

More than$ 31 million has already been spent on advertising, more than doubling the$ 15 million record set in Illinois for one seat and surpassing the$ 21 million set for a three-seat race in Pennsylvania.

A 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that lifted regulations on corporate independent expenditures undermined Wisconsin’s reputation for having strict campaign finance laws that curbed conflicts of interest and demanded accountability. Wisconsin’s GOP-led government loosened the cap on individual donations to political events in 2015. Corporations, special interest groups, and powerful people all made a mad dash to sway racial attitudes in the end.

The super PAC Fair Courts America, which was established in 2020 with the goal of putting an end to the” woke mob” by electing conservative candidates, has spent$ 5.2 million more on Kelly. Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, who are a part of the Milwaukee beer dynasty and are among the top five biggest GOP donors in the country, have given Kelly$ 40, 000($ 20,000 is the maximum one donor can give ).

Lynde Bradley Uihlein, a cousin of Richard, has made the hard left turn away from her mother’s liberal stances and contributed$ 20,000 of her own money to Protasiewicz.

The enormous sums of money being pumped into the race are” explosively high because the stakes are so monstrously gigantic ,” according to State Democratic Chairman Ben Wikler, who spoke to Bloomberg Government.

He continued,” Wisconsin is on the verge of swaying a presidential election in one way or another.

The state Supreme Court was crucial in the 2020 political election when it just prevented former President Donald Trump‘s allies from casting 200,000 votes from regions that leaned left.


With so much at stake, both applicants have received high-profile testimonials.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Gwen Moore, as well as more than a dozen work organizations, human rights organizations, and countless pro-abortion rights organizations, have all endorsed Protasiewicz in Wisconsin. The National Rife Association, two officers organizations, and the country’s top three anti-abortion organizations have all given Kelly their support.

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