Minnesota City Police Department Resigns in its entirety.

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OAN’s Geraldyn Berry
8:56 AM⁢ – Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The town ⁤of Goodhue, Minnesota, is ⁣facing a significant law enforcement crisis as its entire ⁣police force⁣ resigned ⁣due to low pay.


The resignation was⁣ initiated⁤ by Police Chief Josh Smith at a City Council meeting on August 9th. Following​ his resignation, one full-time officer and ‌five part-time employees reportedly also resigned on August ‌11th with their last working day‌ is set for August 23rd. This sudden departure has ⁤left⁢ the ‍town without local law enforcement, ⁤prompting the City ‍Council⁢ to seek‌ temporary assistance from the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite‌ recent efforts to address the pay issue,​ including a 5% pay⁤ increase and a $13,000 raise for Chief Smith earlier this year, the Goodhue officers were still receiving lower wages‍ in ⁣comparison to similar communities.

Chief Smith had previously⁢ expressed concerns about pay ​and recruiting during a meeting on ‌July 26th, where he highlighted ​the challenge of maintaining the police department⁣ with ⁢inadequate compensation. He stressed that the city’s‍ current​ pay rate of⁤ $22 an hour was insufficient to attract and retain officers, ⁢especially when ‌other communities ‌were offering higher salaries, often around $30 an hour.

The City Council expressed its desire to ⁣rebuild the local police force‍ rather than permanently relying‍ on the Goodhue County ⁣Sheriff’s⁣ Office for law enforcement⁣ services. However, the timeline for achieving ‍this remains uncertain.

This ⁤comes as ‍small towns across Minnesota face budget constraints and a statewide shortage of​ officers increasingly. ​The town of Morris, for example, disbanded its ⁤police department⁣ last year due ⁢to budgetary and staffing difficulties, ultimately contracting with⁢ the​ county sheriff’s office for law enforcement services.

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