Confusion and humor follow Elon Musk’s’s removal of” Blue Check” verification from famous people and news outlets.

Twitter owner Elon Musk removed legacy verification status from celebrities and mainstream news outlets on Thursday, a move which induced confusion and, in some cases, melodramatic reactions as the entrepreneur continues to change the revenue structure of the social media company.

On April 20, Musk made the change, which resulted in accounts that had colored checkmarks in their profiles under former Twitter rights losing their check level. Twitter Blue now requires an$ 8 monthly subscription for users who want verification, while organizations must pay$ 1, 000 per month.

Before the Musk takeover, Twitter users with colored checkmarks were often journalists, government representatives, famous people, and other people with a sizable public profile. Users with colored checkmarks now have the option to delete posts, include bold and italic text, observe fewer advertisements in their feeds, and write posts up to 10,000 characters instead of the usual 280 characters. This is because the verification model has changed.

Some users pointed out that since officials are trying to publish crisis alerts, the loss of identification for webpages representing agencies or elected representatives may be dangerous. For example, on Thursday, another person impersonated the page that belonged to the government of New York City; neither of them had confirmation. As of Friday, a white box had been added to the profiles of numerous officials and organizations, including the New York City government.

In the meantime, Twitter removed the terms” state-affiliated marketing” from the accounts of RT, a Russian state-controlled news outlet, and Xinhua News, an official Chinese information source. Since the NPR and CBC accounts accept funding from the American and Canadian governments, respectively, Twitter also removed the” government-funded media” names that had previously been attached to those statements. Due to the plan, NPR stopped using Twitter next year.

Many celebrities who complained about the loss of their colored checkmarks and insisted that they would never paid for the differences were among the less determined responses to the approach. Twitter users derisively launched a GoFundMe campaign on actress Bette Midler’s’s behalf in an effort to get her confirmation back after complaining about the change. Alyssa Milano also questioned loud whether Musk might be held accountable for corruption, identity theft, or defamation if another user pretends to be her account.

Musk added that he would honestly budget check for Stephen King, William Shatner, and sports star LeBron James, all of whom had been particularly vociferous in their refusal to pay the membership fee. On Thursday night, King vowed to his followers that he hadn’t purchased Twitter Blue; Musk retorted,” You’re’re allowed amen.”

Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, claimed that he purchased Twitter for$ 44 billion at the end of last year to set aside a space in the public square for open discussion. Musk announced the new sales structure after observing that several advertisers had severed their ties with the company, dealing a serious blow to the industry.


Musk remarked on the base,” Twitter has had a significant drop in revenue due to activist organizations pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with glad temperance and we did everything we could to pacify the activists.” ” Totally messed up!” They’re’re attempting to obliterate free speech in the United States.

Musk began his term by firing 6,500 of the 8, 000 workers who were still employed by the social media site. Some company leaders praised the move and said that it appears to have saved the company largely without changing the platform’s’s features. They also noted that the restored focus on hiring important engineering and technology staff.

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