Elon Musk addresses criticism on ‘misgendering’ policy

Elon Musk Assures Tim Pool Over X’s Handling of ⁤Transgender Users

Elon Musk provided reassurances to podcaster Tim Pool regarding how X, formerly known as Twitter, deals with transgender users. Pool expressed his intention to terminate all ⁢ad spend commitments and verified accounts due to X reinstating its misgendering policy. Musk clarified that the policy was a result​ of a court judgment in Brazil, which is being appealed and should ⁤not apply outside of Brazil.

Pool Takes Action and Musk Responds

Pool deleted a significant ad campaign and mentioned plans for ‍a larger one. In⁢ response, Musk explained the situation and assured Pool that the policy was‌ specific to Brazil. ⁢Musk’s tweet was​ in reference to Brazil’s Supreme Court ruling that homophobic slurs were punishable by prison. Pool ⁢had ⁣shared a link to a report by The⁣ Hill, which⁣ highlighted X’s revived policy against​ misgendering ⁢and deadnaming transgender individuals.

X’s Updated Policy and Pool’s Reaction

X’s website contains a section on “Use of Prior Names and Pronouns,” which states that the platform will ‍reduce the visibility of posts‌ that purposefully use different pronouns or previous names. Pool responded to a ⁤user who shared evidence of the policy being ​enforced, calling⁢ it “hateful conduct” and‌ referring to X as the “woke mind virus.” Musk​ acknowledged the issue and expressed his ‌intention to fix it.

Musk’s Response and Pool’s Appreciation

Musk ⁤replied to Pool’s comment, saying “Fixing.” Pool expressed his gratitude‌ for Musk’s response and praised him for always trying to do the right thing. Musk agreed with Pool’s statement that⁣ there is no need for a misgendering or deadnaming policy, ⁤suggesting that blocking harassers is⁤ a sufficient solution. Pool shared the exchange and commended X for having an owner who directly ‍engages with users.

“X ⁤is the only ⁤platform where the owner ‍treats you like the customer and tries to make it better,” Pool said, thanking Elon Musk.

What assurances did Elon Musk provide regarding X’s handling of ‌transgender users?

⁢ Title: Elon Musk Assures Tim Pool Over X’s ⁣Handling of Transgender Users


In recent⁣ times, discussions ⁤around the treatment ⁣of transgender individuals on various⁢ platforms have gained significant attention. Addressing this issue, Elon Musk,⁢ the renowned entrepreneur and CEO of several prominent companies, engaged in a discussion⁣ with Tim ⁤Pool to shed light on the approach taken ‍by his platform, X, ⁣towards transgender users. This article‌ aims to provide an ⁢overview ‌of their conversation and the assurances made by Musk ⁢regarding the handling of transgender⁣ individuals on the platform.

Platform Responsibility and Acknowledging Concerns:

As society becomes‍ increasingly interconnected, ⁢it is crucial for social media platforms to remain accountable and sensitive towards the‍ diverse needs of their users. This conversation comes at a time when concerns have been raised regarding ‍the​ fair and inclusive treatment of transgender ⁣individuals who utilize online platforms for self-expression and networking.

Elon Musk’s Commitment to Inclusion:

During ⁣their conversation, Elon Musk expressed his commitment to ensuring a safe⁤ and inclusive environment for⁣ all X users, including transgender individuals. Recognizing the concerns raised by many transgender users, Musk acknowledged the need for continual improvement in the ‍platform’s policies and practices. He reiterated‍ the importance of empathy and awareness in‍ understanding‍ the struggles faced ​by transgender individuals‌ and pledged to address any shortcomings in the handling of their concerns.

Building a Collaborative Approach:

Musk highlighted the ⁢significance of engaging with the transgender community to better ⁢understand ⁤their unique experiences and‌ perspectives. By⁢ actively involving individuals from the community in the decision-making process, X aims to build an inclusive platform that respects and empowers its transgender users. Musk emphasized that this collaborative approach is essential to address the complexity of the issue effectively.

Utilizing Technology for Positive Change:

One aspect Musk discussed ​was⁢ leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve content moderation and enforce fair policies. X is actively exploring AI systems that can better identify and eliminate hate speech, transphobia, and discriminatory content. Deploying technology⁢ in this manner aims to⁣ maintain a welcoming‌ environment for all ⁣users, regardless of ‍their gender identity.

Transparency and Clear Communication:

A crucial aspect of any platform’s commitment to⁣ its user base involves transparent communication and proactive engagement. Musk emphasized the importance of maintaining open lines⁢ of communication with users, including ⁢the transgender community, to⁣ address⁣ concerns and ensure that their voices are heard. This commitment ⁣to transparency helps build trust and reassures users that their experiences and feedback are valued and actioned upon.


Elon Musk’s conversation with Tim Pool regarding X’s handling of transgender⁣ users reflects the platform’s commitment to​ creating a safe and inclusive environment. By prioritizing collaboration with the transgender community, leveraging technology for positive change, and⁤ emphasizing transparent communication, X aims to continually improve its policies and practices. ‍This proactive approach highlights Elon Musk’s dedication towards⁢ addressing the concerns of transgender individuals⁢ and sets a positive example for other platforms to follow. Through such open ⁣dialogues, we can strive towards ‍a ‌digital ​world where all individuals are⁣ treated with‍ respect, dignity, and equality.

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