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Elon Musk shuts down White House’s ‘Pride’ message for kids.

Is the Government Trying to Take Our Children?

It seems like the Biden administration is inching closer to enacting measures that would intrude on the sacred bond between parents and their newborns. Will they soon be snatching infants from their mothers’ loins as soon as they are born? This attempt to convince parents that the government has a significant role in their relationship with their children is beyond reproach.

However, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has come to the defense of parental rights. In a tweet on Wednesday, he highlighted the sanctity of the parent-child relationship, aiming to restore sanity in a society where it continues to erode. After all, Musk is a parent himself.

Musk’s tweet was in response to a message from the White House’s official account, which was posted on Tuesday.

In the video, the White House was lit up like a rainbow, and President Joe Biden declared, “These are our kids. … Not somebody else’s kids. They’re all our kids.”

Musk responded, “You are the government. They are NOT your kids.”

No, Joe. You and the rest of the administration don’t have dibs on our kids. We’ve already seen the reckless nature in which you handle our precious resources. Oil prices are up, food insecurity is expanding, home foreclosures are on the rise, inflation is biting into paychecks, and a recession looms.

The audacity of trying to convince us that you will do better with our most precious ones is unbelievable. It’s like believing that Hunter Biden is an innocent choir boy or that former President Donald Trump is receiving equal justice under the law. It’s like thinking that the immersion of socialism in public schools is a conservative conspiracy.

Conservative parents see through your agenda. You are using struggling children within the LGBTQ community to your advantage, pretending to be their savior when you are nothing more than a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

While your messaging may have fooled many, it hasn’t fooled all of us. But getting a hold of the majority of our children is the next step in your plan.

Public schools offer forty hours a week of uninterrupted brainwashing. They fail to provide a beneficial education or teach critical life skills. Kids barely understand biology, yet they are encouraged to declare their own “gender identity” without fully understanding what it means to be an adult.

Understanding this, it’s no wonder that Musk’s words resonated with so many. He has become a voice of reason in a society where common sense is often overshadowed by misguided ideologies.

This isn’t the first time that intellectuals have gone blind while the common man’s vision remains clear. That’s why studying history is so important, and why the left is attacking it. We need additional private and charter schools to counteract the indoctrination in public schools.

Homeschooling has shown the benefits of alternative educational routes. But not every child has the opportunity to be homeschooled.

We need to protect and educate our children for the sake of our future. We must resist the government’s attempt to redefine its role in the parent-child dynamic.

Once children believe that the government shares equal stature with their parents, there will be no stopping what comes next. Socialism will take hold, and freedom will be lost forever.

It’s time to put an end to the overreaches of the Biden administration. We must always expect and take seriously their calculating nature. Musk’s response was effective, and we must follow suit at every turn.

Source: Elon Musk Publicly Puts Biden in His Place After White House Targets Kids with ‘Pride’ Message

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