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EVs may become pricier in Florida.

Proposed⁣ Bill Could Increase Costs ⁣for Electric Vehicle Owners in Florida

Exciting⁢ news for electric vehicle enthusiasts in the ‌Sunshine⁤ State‍ could be overshadowed by a potential ⁤financial setback. Republican State Sen.​ Ed Hooper has introduced a bill for the upcoming⁢ 2024 legislative session that ‍could impose a $200 yearly registration fee for electric vehicle owners in Florida.

The Details of the Proposed Bill

The bill, known ⁤as SB ​28, aims to implement a $200 annual ⁣fee⁢ for electric vehicle owners ​until 2029. After that, the fee‌ would ⁢increase to $250 per year. Additionally, plug-in​ hybrid owners would be required to pay a ​$50 fee annually.

Reasoning Behind the Fee

This‌ fee would‌ serve as​ a way to tax electric vehicle drivers, similar to‌ how gas-powered car owners⁣ indirectly ‍contribute to road maintenance through the gas ⁤tax. Currently, Florida’s gas tax stands at 20.2 cents per gallon.

Previous Attempts and Nationwide Trend

A similar proposal made its way through the Florida Senate earlier this year but did not progress ⁣in the Florida House. However, if⁢ this bill passes, Florida would join over ⁣30 other states that ‍already impose‍ an annual fee on electric ⁤vehicle owners.

Recently, Texas enacted an​ annual registration fee of ‌$200⁤ for electric vehicle owners. This​ move was made to compensate for lost revenues resulting from electric vehicle owners ​not paying the gas tax.

As the legislative session​ approaches, electric vehicle⁢ owners in⁢ Florida will be closely watching the outcome‌ of⁢ this bill. Stay tuned for ⁤updates on this potential change that could ⁢impact the cost of owning an electric vehicle‍ in‌ the Sunshine State.

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