Education Insanity: Top 10 Stories Of The Week (Vol. 28)

Welcome back to Education Insanity, a weekly column updating you on the most insane events taking place in our nation’s schools. Here, we’ll delve into the growing presence of critical race theory, the ideology that claims that America is irredeemably rooted in racism, and “woke” culture.

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10. University Of Wisconsin-Madison Professor Vows To Fight The Patriarchy By Refusing To Wear A Bra – The College Fix

A University of Wisconsin-Madison Gender and Women’s Studies Professor promised that she would stop wearing a bra to work, citing the male “policing” of women’s bodies. “I don’t want to wear a bra to work. It’s harder on my body [and] expensive AF,” the professor tweeted. “[Also] some students think my t*ts don’t sag or don’t know I have nipples? Why?! As [a] person with large breasts my body has always been heavily policed [because] of how other people, mostly men, respond to it.”

9. University of Michigan Mandates Face Masks Following Vaccine Requirement – The Daily Wire

The University of Michigan system announced that students and faculty will be required to wear face masks indoors, despite mandating that all students and faculty get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The only exception to this rule will be for vaccinated students who live on campus. Vaccinated, on-campus students do not have to wear masks in their dorm rooms or shared facilities.

8. Lawsuit Alleges Kentucky Med Student Expelled For Anti-Abortion Views – Fox News

Former University of Louisville Medical Student Austin Clark filed a lawsuit claiming that the school expelled him for his pro-life views. The lawsuit alleges that the university’s President Neeli Bendapudi and 13 other staff members condoned “demeaning and harassing behavior” of Clark.

7. Third-Grade Lesson On Virginia State Education Website Appears To Glorify Communism – The Daily Wire

A typo-ridden lesson plan for a website registered to the Virginia Department of Education encourages third graders to learn about how police allegedly hate black men. The website also promoted a video that appears to glorify communism, and a book titled, “A Is For Activist.” The lesson plan is credited to five public school teachers.

6. Colorado School District Instructs Teachers To Avoid Informing Parents If Their Child Shows ‘Persistent’ Gender Confusion – The Daily Wire

Jefferson County Public School district, the second-largest school district in Colorado, is instructing teachers not to inform parents if their child shows persistent signs of gender confusion. The instructions were given to teachers in a “Toolkit for Supporting Transgender & Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students.”

5. University Of Wisconsin Moves Chamberlin Rock, Seen As Symbol Of ‘Racism’ – New York Post

The University of Wisconsin-Madison opted to remove a 70-ton boulder from the campus after the university’s Black Student Union and other racial justice activists complained that it was a “racist monument.” Activists argued that the rock had racist roots because, in the 1920s, a journalist once used a racist slur to describe the boulder.

4. School Board Member: Maskless Kids Will ‘Commit Murder’ – The Daily Wire

Linda Sexton, a school board member in a public school district in Norman, Oklahoma, said that kids will “commit murder” if they refuse to wear masks indoors. “It’s just not okay for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask,” Sexton said. She continued to say that maskless children “will cause [the] death of another child.”

3. Gov. Kate Brown Signed Law To Allow Oregon Students To Graduate Without Proving They Can Write Or Do Math – The Oregonian

Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown signed a bill suspending proficiency requirements for high school graduates. A state Department of Education spokesperson said the bill was signed to uphold “equitable graduation standards.” The original standards required high schoolers to demonstrate that they can read, write, and do math at a 10th-grade level before they graduate.

2. Atlanta Public School Told Catholic Couple To Remove Child From District If They Want To Avoid LGBTQ+ Issues In Kindergarten – The Daily Wire

An Atlanta public elementary school principal told a Catholic couple that their child would need to leave the district to avoid learning about LGBTQ+ issues at the age of five. The couple obtained a copy of their child’s incoming teacher’s Amazon classroom wish list, which included a slew of LGBTQ+ books. Many of the books reference sexual orientation, transgenderism, and progressive ideology.

1. Black Parent Outraged After Learning Atlanta Elementary School Segregated Classes By Race – WSBTV

Black mother Kila Posey was outraged after learning that her child’s Atlanta public elementary school was segregating classrooms based on race. According to the mother, the school’s black principal opted to create eight classes — two for black students and six for white students. Posey called the practice “illegal” and “unethical.”

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