Eating Meat, Does It Make You Live Longer?

Eating Meat for a Longer Life?

A large study of 175 territories/countries (roughly 90% of the earth) just declared that eating meat makes you live longer. They said it right there in the abstract:

“Worldwide, bivariate correlation analyses revealed that meat intake is positively correlated with life expectancies.”

I just know that some of you will run with this news and start lording it over all those holier-than-thou vegetarians. Well, put that on pause for now because you need to read the whole meat-makes-you-live-longer study to understand what it’s really saying.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve got no horse – nor cow, fish, pig, or lamb – in this race. If meat is proven to make humans live longer, great. If the opposite proves true, fine. I’m an open-minded and adaptive omnivore. Let the nutritional cards fall where they may.

Now, let’s look at the actual study.

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