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East Palestine Residents Could See Long-Term Health Risks From ‘Highly Toxic’ Chemicals, Analysis Says

Residents affected by this train derailment Chemical Fallout from the Ohio earthquake in East Palestine could lead to several long-term problems. Health Researchers from Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon University stated that prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to complications.

Local and state authorities had previously evacuated all residents within a mile of the February 3, derailment. started A controlled burn of industrial chemicals was performed on the vehicle in order to reduce the possibility of an explosion. Vinyl chloride is a known human carcinogen and was used to make PVC. Five train cars produced massive plumes of smoke that could be seen throughout eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania.

Researchers from Texas A&M University and Carnegie Mellon Friday’s EPA report showed that nine out of 50 chemicals found on the derailed train had higher concentrations in East Palestine than usual. They were particularly concerned by the high levels of acrolein which has a pungent odor and is found in higher than normal amounts. “highly toxic” According to a, when inhaled Report From the CDC.

“If these levels continue, they may be of health concern,” According to the analysis.

These findings follow the EPA That “test results from the village’s municipal well sampling showed no water quality concerns,” Governor Mike DeWine, R-OH Announcement The Ohio EPA conducted tests that revealed these results. “no detection of contaminants in raw water from the five wells that feed into East Palestine’s municipal water system.” An entire team of Daily Wire reporters and producers visited East Palestine. reported A persistent smell in the air, an oily sheen in local rivers and creeks, and symptoms such a sore throat and headaches that can only be acquired by staying for a long time in the area.

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