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Earth would be thrown out of solar system by adding planet between Mars and Jupiter: Report

A new study has shown that the gap between the sun and the moon could be bridged by adding another planet. Mars Jupiter’s throw would be the best. Earth Out of orbit

Many scientists are shocked at the huge gap between Jupiter and Mars. This gap is big enough for another planet to fit in. according to The Jerusalem Post.

New research has shown that this would have catastrophic consequences for humanity. The addition would result in Earth being thrown out of the Solar System and all terrestrial life.


This study was published in “The Dynamical Consequences of a Super-Earth in the Solar System,” Stephen Kane, University of California Riverside, astrophysicist. published The Planetary Science JournalThe, which aimed at exploring two major gaps in the solar systems. The gap between Earth (the largest non-gas planet) and Neptune (the smallest gas planet), was examined. The distance between Mars and Jupiter was also considered.

“If Earth were the size of a nickel, Neptune would be about as big as a baseball,” NASA described Referring to the difference in size between Earth and Neptune.

Kane’s study reveals the great distance that separates Jupiter and Mars.

“The architecture of the solar system’s planetary orbits exhibits a substantial gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, populated by a vast reservoir of asteroids,” This is the conclusion of the study. “These features of the solar system archi

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