Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Becomes Highest-Paid NFL Player In History: Report

After securing a new five-year contract extension for an alleged$ 255 million, Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts has established himself as the highest-paid NFL player in history.

” Eagles and Jalen Hurts reached agreement on a five-year,$ 255 million extension, including$ 179.304 million guaranteed, per source ,” tweeted ESPN Senior NFL insider Adam Schefter on Monday.

In a deal negotiated by Nicole Lynn of Klutch Sports Group and Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman, Hurts becomes the highest-paid person in NFL history, he continued.

Following his tweet, Schefter stated that the 24-year-old’s’s” five-year contract extension includes a no-trade section, per base ,” marking the first time in Eagles’ history.

Hurts'” here to stay” was afterwards confirmed by The Eagles in a tweet. The department also announced on its website that it had agreed to a five-year contract with Hurts through the 2028 season, but no other information was given.

At the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie recently remarked,” Jalen just has this incredible- I’m’m not telling you anything you don’t know here, but seeing him practically every day, he’s’s got an incredible passion for being phenomenal.” ” You notice that in the best.” We are all aware that several quarterbacks in this club can be identified by their meticulous attention to detail and work ethic in other sports.

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He continued,” We always knew Jalen was talented, had a very live weapon that we thought was discounted in college because he was such an excellent runner, and his nature was always thought to be great. However, perhaps the opportunity we had was we really respected his ability to throw the baseball and that that would better based on significant work ethic.”

Hurts was chosen by the Eagles in the NFL draft’s’s next round in 2020. He made four starts that season before taking over as the Eagles’ full-time starting the second year. He guided Philadelphia to Super Bowl LVII next year, where they fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35.

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