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Dr. Jordan Peterson Lashes Out At Canada’s ‘Commissars’ After Board Threatens His Medical License

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson blasted Canada’s “commissars” He wrote a scornful letter. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tuesday after a leading association of his fellow psychologists threatened to go after his license over social media criticisms of the nation’s far-Left government.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario ordered the best-selling author and Daily Wire+ Host to be undergone “social media communications retraining” Or face a hearing about the possible suspension of his medical licence. Peterson addressed a letter to Trudeau in which he promised not to take part in the process, and decried attempts to silence free speech.

“I simply cannot resign myself to the fact that in my lifetime I am required to resort to a public letter to the leader of my country to point out that political criticism has now become such a crime in Canada that if professionals dare engage in such activity, government-appointed commissars will threaten their livelihood and present them with the spectacle of denouncement and political disgrace,” Peterson wrote. “There is simply and utterly no excuse whatsoever for such a state of affairs in a free country.”

BREAKING: The Ontario College of Psychologists @CPOntario has required me to complete mandatory social media communication retraining with their specialists for, amongst other crimes, retweeting @PierrePoilievre Criticism @JustinTrudeau and his political allies.

— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) January 3, 2023

Peterson’s grievance against Peterson is not the first. Previous complaints were dismissed. Peterson’s latest alleged transgressions include retweeting Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s criticism of Trudeau, blasting Trudeau’s former senior aide, Gerald Butts, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, tweeting opposition to a plan by Ottawa police to take custody of the children of the Trucker Convoy protesters, and telling Joe Rogan’s podcast audience Acceptance of radical gender theory can be a sign of acceptance “civilizations collapsing” Climate change models are not reliable.

Peterson called Butts “a” “stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool” You can also find out more about a “prik” In a pair tweets from February. In another tweet in February, at the height of Canada’s trucker protest against vaccine mandates, Peterson called Trudeau a “Puppet.” The college received the tweets in a batch from an anonymous complainant, which was sent to it in March.

College Executive Director Rick Morris said he reviewed the tweets, as well as a transcript from Peterson’s January 25, 2022, appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and determined they warranted an investigation. Peterson’s subsequent social media posts, including one in May that he criticised Sports Illustrated for featuring Yumi Nu, a plus-sized swimsuit model, on its cover, appear to have been added to the probe.

“Sorry. Not beautiful,” He wrote. “And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

He also tweeted that Ellen Page, a movie star who claims to be a woman and goes by Elliot Page had a mastectomy. “by a criminal physician.”

The college, which is a government-regulated organization, regulates and has authority to sanction psychologists. It does this supposedly to protect workers’ safety and health. Peterson claimed that the Ontario professional group has been harassing Peterson since 2017, when his viral video lectures made Peterson an international star, with over 15 million followers on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

“I was never investigated for anything for the 20 years I practiced prior to my emergence on the public scene,” Peterson was the first to criticize the Trudeau progressive regime. He railed against a law making it a crime to not use the preferred pronouns for transgender persons.

Peterson claimed that he was subject to investigations by the college because it is required to investigate written complaints against members.

One accuse him of being “transphobic, sexist, and racist” For posting an article in Crisis magazine, which accused transgender activists of targeting autistic kids, online. Another complaint was spurred in part by Peterson’s contention that “the racial divide continues apace, fueled by identity politics.” A 2020 complaint claimed Peterson had signed the document in a child custody case. Peterson later revealed that the purported signature was a forgery taken from Wikipedia.

Peterson claimed that the complaints were eventually dismissed. However, they were part of an overall pattern by which his critics used the professional organization to their advantage.

“As a Member of the College, and in light of your public profile, you may wish to offer your opinions and comments in a respectful tone in order to avoid a negative perception toward the profession of psychology,” After several complaints, the college advised him.

Peterson was caught by the college last year after he told a scientist that overpopulation was a danger to the planet. “free to leave at any point.” Peterson refused to cooperate when the college opened an inquiry.


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