Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Explains ‘Online Reputation Savaging’ And Why People Virtue Signal In New Episode Of ‘Exodus’

In the tenth episode, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson with six of his renowned scholars dive deep into pressing topics today. “Exodus,” Published Today’s DailyWire+

Peterson and his group continue their study of Exodus (the second book of the Bible) and discuss how the commandments apply to modern life. Peterson claims that social media anonymity plays a significant role in attempts to damage reputations in our current culture.

“Part of what’s pathologized social media at the moment, and this is why I’ve been objecting to at least a certain kind of anonymity, is that you can cast out reputational aspersions,” Peterson stated. “I’ve talked to a bunch of psychologists about this recently because we’ve been looking at what personality attributes go along with online reputation savaging.”

“They’re exactly what you’d expect: It’s narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism,” Peterson added that sadism has been added to the mix recently due to the other three attributes “weren’t bitter enough.”

Peterson asserts that virtualization and social networking contribute to bearing false witnesses, something that will likely continue due to the increasing number of users on social media. Intensifying yearly. Peterson asserts that false witness is not punishable and encourages it.

Peterson and the panel say that commandments should not be seen as constraints but enabling principles. Throughout the episode, Peterson discusses virtue signaling, which Peterson says is the act of gaining a reputation while not actually earning it.

“The reason that people are so motivated to do that is because once you can abstract an ethic, there’s actually nothing that’s more valuable than your reputation,” Peterson: “It’s the thing upon which all the trades that you engage in with everyone else depends.”

Peterson believes that making a fake reputation and damaging reputations are both wrong. “real crimes.” Dr. Stephen Blackwood, President at Ralson College says “To have an ill-gotten reputation, that’s bad, but to take away someone’s actually earned reputation…”

“It’s a battle between two devils,” Peterson leapt in.

Peterson is joined in the interview by Os Guinness (socio-critical), James Orr (Cambridge assistant professor), President of Hillsdale College Larry Arnn (Christian thinker Jonathan Pageau) and Dennis PragerU (PraggerU) founder. In select future episodes, Ben Shapiro, co-founder of Daily Wire, will be featured.

This episode is part 2 of 8. It explores the significance of Exodus as explained to literary and theological scholars.

Each week will see one episode. You can view episode nine for a deep dive on the first five commandments. Here. Peterson’s documentary “Moreover,Logos & Literacy” — which explores the Museum of the Bible and the Bible’s impact on society — is available for Free YouTube throughout the month

You can view the latest episode of “Exodus” Here.


“From Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Explains ‘Online Reputation Savaging’ And Why People Virtue Signal In New Episode Of ‘Exodus’

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