Bongino cautions against being deceived: Hidden motives behind Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

Don’t Fall For It: Bongino Warns There is Secret Reasoning Behind Hunter Biden Plea Deal

On his Tuesday podcast, conservative radio talker Dan Bongino had some advice for those wondering why Hunter Biden copped several plea deals to settle some of the investigations into his wrongdoing, and Bongino is warning everyone, “don’t fall for it.”

Bongino opened the show lamenting that he didn’t talk the day before about a story from the Washington Post that tried to paint Biden Department of Justice as a non-partisan office. He said his immediate thought was that the story was a plant because “something big” about Joe Biden or his son Hunter was coming down soon. And now that we know about Hunter’s plea agreements, Bongino warns that “it’s a trap.”

“They are setting us up for something,” the radio talker said he thought after seeing the Post’s story on Monday.

“This is so obviously an Admiral Akbar trap,” Bongino joked citing the movie character who famously yelled “It’s a trap” during the third “Star Wars” film.

To highlight Bongino’s position, even as he was telling his audience that “only a sucker” would fall for the plea deals Hunter made, a former federal prosecutor noted that the DOJ was violating its own policies with Hunter’s deals.

Bongino went on to describe the plea deals as “The feds giving a sweetheart plea deal to the president’s crack-addicted son, with sex tapes on his computer,” and went on to give a more detailed description of why he thinks that Americans should not fall under the false impression that Hunter’s plea deals are justice served.

Of course, Bongino went on the air with his points in the hours after it was announced Tuesday that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is preparing to enter into several plea deals to settle some of the criminal charges that have been lodged against him.

Hunter pleaded guilty to two federal charges of willfully failing to pay federal income taxes, according to a court filing submitted Tuesday by federal prosecutors.

Citing what it said were sources who had seen the full plea agreement, NBC News claimed that U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss will recommend that Hunter Biden be sentenced to probation for the two tax crimes.

The reports also say that Biden is entering a pretrial diversion agreement to resolve the charge of illegal possession of a gun by a drug user or drug addict.

If he remains drug-free for two years and agrees to never own a gun again, the gun charge will be erased from his record, The New York Times reported.

CBS News, though, noted that this may not be the end of Hunter’s legal troubles. And as far as Bongino is concerned, the whole situation is an attempt to give the false impression that Hunter is somehow paying for his crimes.

“To describe it as a sweetheart deal is embarrassing to sweethearts across the country,” Bongino said.

Bongino noted that the FBI uses gun charges to imprison inner-city blacks and Hispanics all the time, yet Hunter was given a pretrial diversion deal.

The talk show host added that the whole situation is meant to fool people into ignoring all the other crimes Hunter stands accused of perpetrating.

“The number two at the DOJ [Lisa Monaco] supervised a deal with [U.S. Attorney General] Merrick Garland,” Bongino said, “to give Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal on a gun charge and a tax evasion charge where he gets no jail time, he gets to plea, and the Biden administration goes, ‘Oh, look, it’s all over! Forget about the international influence peddling, and all the tapes I played for you last week of Joe Biden engaged in international blackmail schemes and getting people fired looking into it.’”

“Hunter Biden getting off today, in a scam to end all scams,” Bongino exclaimed.

Bongino warned that this sweetheart plea deal was only offered to give cover to the corrupt Department of Justice and make it look like the department is treating both Donald Trump and Hunter Biden with equal seriousness.

And as if to confirm Bongino’s warning, Hunter Biden’s own attorney, Chris Clark, exclaimed that the plea deals mean that “the five-year investigation into Hunter is resolved,” The New York Times reported.

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