DOJ sues SpaceX for alleged hiring discrimination.

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OAN’s Abril ​Elfi
11:59 AM – Friday, August 25, ⁣2023

The United States Justice Department Sues SpaceX⁣ Over⁣ Discrimination Allegations

The United States Justice Department (DOJ) ⁤has filed a lawsuit against SpaceX,‌ accusing ⁢the rocket and satellite company owned by Elon Musk of discriminating against asylum recipients and refugees ‍during their ⁣hiring process.


On Thursday, the Justice Department released a statement regarding the lawsuit against the rocket and satellite company owned by Elon Musk.

“The lawsuit ⁣alleges that, from at least September 2018 ‌to May⁣ 2022, SpaceX routinely discouraged asylees and refugees from⁣ applying and refused to​ hire‌ or⁢ consider them, because of⁤ their citizenship status, in violation ⁢of the Immigration‌ and Nationality‌ Act,” the ‌Justice ⁢Department said.

The ⁣DOJ reportedly cited online postings and statements by Musk and other SpaceX executives and recruiters that allegedly discouraged refugees and those granted asylum from applying for jobs at SpaceX by⁣ claiming the company​ can only hire U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, and alleged that refugees that did apply were ignored.

According to the lawsuit, a June⁤ 2020 ​post on X by ⁣CEO Musk ​had ⁤been cited which said​ that the “U.S. law requires at ‌least a green card to be hired at‍ SpaceX, as rockets are advanced weapons technology.”

SpaceX argued that the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulation prohibited the company⁣ from hiring non-citizens. However, according to the lawsuit, the Justice Department ⁣stated ⁢that those pieces of legislation ​treat⁤ refugees and those who have been granted‍ asylum “just like U.S. citizens.”

Immigration Attorney Jonathan Grode claimed ‌that⁣ companies like SpaceX are not prohibited‍ from‌ hiring foreign nationals. However, he said that they do have to seek certain ⁣visas for refugees or obtain​ government approval when it comes to ITAR restrictions.

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, who is part of the Justice ⁢Department’s civil rights division, said a DOJ investigation found that SpaceX “failed to fairly consider or hire asylees and refugees because of their citizenship status and imposed what‌ amounted to a ban on their hire regardless of their qualification, in violation of federal law”.

Clarke ⁣continued ‍by stating that SpaceX recruiters and high-level managers “actively⁢ discouraged”⁢ asylum seekers and refugees from applying for jobs at ⁣the corporation.

The lawsuit also seeks monetary penalties, which the court will determine how much, to ​guarantee that SpaceX‍ continues‍ to comply with the federal non-discrimination ​rule.

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