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Does Kim Kardashian Now Identify as a Male? Celebrity Accepts 2023 ‘Man of the Year Award’

Wokeness Hits a New ⁢Low: Kim Kardashian Named “Man ‌of the Year”

It seems that wokeness has reached an all-time low. A once ​prestigious magazine dedicated to men’s⁣ issues and fashion has stooped to becoming just another liberal propaganda rag. Their latest move? Naming Kim Kardashian as their “Tycoon⁤ of the Year” for⁣ 2023, alongside other male celebrities in their “Men of the Year” edition. Actor Jacob Elordi and rapper Travis Scott ​also received titles in various “Man of​ the Year” categories.

This decision by the magazine is ⁢truly baffling. ‌Kardashian has ‌not publicly ‌identified as male, yet she proudly celebrated her “Man of the Year” accomplishment ⁣on social media.

This isn’t the first ‌time a ‍member of the⁣ Kardashian family has received a gendered ​award. Kardashian’s step-father, Bruce​ Jenner, now known as Caitlyn, was ⁤named “Woman of the Year” by⁢ Vanity Fair in 2015. The key ⁣difference‍ here ⁢is that Jenner actually identified ⁢as the ‌gender associated with the award.

The⁣ Kardashians have already tarnished our⁤ television ⁢screens, and⁢ now‍ they’re making a mockery of‍ gendered awards.⁣ What exactly have the Kardashians contributed to culture, especially in terms ‌of ‌representing the ​male ‍gender?

According to GQ’s​ article, ⁣Kardashian’s biggest contribution to “manhood”⁤ is a business deal between the NBA and​ her clothing brand‍ Skims.‌ Apparently, now NBA players can feel the same confidence as ‌women when they wear Skims, thanks to⁤ Kardashian’s influence.

Wow, thanks Kardashian! ⁤Because what would manhood be without feeling confident in our athletic gear at the gym?

The rest ‍of Kardashian’s piece in GQ is hardly praiseworthy, regardless of⁣ the gender of the award. She brags⁤ about her⁢ daughter scamming people at a ​lemonade stand ‌and even starts the article with an ⁢ode to​ her father, Robert Kardashian, famous for defending O.J. ⁢Simpson in his ⁣murder ⁤trial.

This is clearly a publicity stunt,​ and unfortunately, other magazines will likely follow suit. We only need to look⁤ at Jenner’s ⁢influence, which indirectly led to the rise of​ people like ⁣ Dylan ⁣Mulvaney.

It’s hard to believe that GQ‍ couldn’t find any deserving men ​to honor before resorting ⁤to giving the award to Kardashian.

In 2023, billionaire Elon‌ Musk ‌took over Twitter and ‍exposed‍ government involvement in censorship‌ practices. What about Tim Ballard, the centerpiece of “Sound of‍ Freedom”? He‌ helped turn a ‍low-budget ⁢movie‍ into a ⁢global blockbuster, ⁢raising awareness and funds to combat human trafficking. Shouldn’t he be‍ considered?

If we continue to hand out​ these awards so frivolously, we diminish their true meaning. GQ’s message to men seems to be ‌that ⁤all it takes to​ be⁢ a ‍man is signing lucrative business deals.

What kind of ‌message does ⁢that send to the⁢ men who work hard every day to provide‍ for their ‍families? The American media constantly portrays the American man⁤ as toxic and unwanted, yet they complain about⁢ the​ lack of good men.

Unless there’s a major change soon, GQ ‍may have⁣ just⁣ buried American masculinity​ for good.

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The post⁤ Does⁤ Kim Kardashian ⁤Now Identify as a Male? Celebrity ⁢Accepts 2023 ‘Man of the Year Award’ ​appeared first on ⁤ The Western Journal.

How has the‌ perception and credibility of PAA magazine changed over time, according to the statement?

Will‌ continue ⁢to lose credibility and‌ become nothing more than ⁤a⁣ platform for pushing liberal agendas. It’s a shame to ‌see a once-respected magazine‍ succumb to ‌such woke⁣ nonsense.

It’s time to stop rewarding individuals for simply being famous or‌ making business deals. Let’s recognize those who have truly made a difference in society, who have worked hard to achieve‌ greatness, and who embody the qualities we should aspire to as men.

Wokeness has gone too far, and it’s time to bring back some ‍common sense and ⁣sanity to⁣ our society. Let’s not let these outrageous decisions and awards normalize‍ the idea that gender ​is‍ a mere‌ label that can be​ changed or‌ claimed at will.

As men, we should push ‌back against ⁣the erosion of traditional values and roles. We should celebrate ⁣true masculinity and not be⁤ afraid to stand up for what we believe‍ in.

So, congratulations to Kim Kardashian for winning the “Man of the ⁤Year” award, but let’s not forget the significance and importance ⁤of this decision.⁣ It’s‍ a wake-up call for all of us to reject the wokeness that is infiltrating our culture and to reclaim our own⁢ identity as men.

It’s time to ‍put an end to this madness and restore some rationality⁢ and respect‌ to the recognition ‌of achievement‍ and contribution. Let’s honor those who deserve it and not let political correctness dictate ⁢our​ values and decisions.

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