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Dodger Pride Night Strikes Out: Look What Happened When Anti-Christian Group was Honored

Even far-left Los Angeles seems to have had quite enough of progressive nonsense invading every part of the culture, as evidenced by Friday night’s Dodger game.

The Dodgers chose to honor an anti-Catholic LGBT hate group known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” during their “pride night.”

The “sisters” are infamous for their mockery of Catholic nuns and their lewd and obscene performances that mock the core beliefs and practices of Christians around the world.

Despite the extensive backlash they received for their obvious display of religious bigotry, the Dodgers went ahead and honored the “sisters” at Friday’s “pride night” game against the San Fransisco Giants, but it did not go according to plan.

The Dodgers chose to honor the anti-Christian group before the start of the game, and the “Community Heroes” award was presented to the “sisters” in front of a near-empty stadium. Fans appeared to show no interest in giving an award to an LGBT group.

Meanwhile, a massive crowd of Christians showed up outside Dodgers Stadium to peacefully and prayerfully protest the blasphemy happening inside. The protest seemed to garner more interest than the blasphemous award ceremony.

Many claim that the picture was misleading, as it was taken well before the start of the game and fans had yet to show up.

But the point is, the team could have waited until the middle of the game, when everyone was there, to honor the group. Instead, they chose to do it at a time when there were few fans in the stadium.

Clearly, the organization realized its mistake and pushed the ceremony back a few hours.

Journalist Savannah Hernandez, who posted the photo, later clarified that it had been taken only 40 minutes prior to the start of the game, at which time fans should have started showing up in large numbers, compared to the crowd of Catholics, who had been protesting for four hours prior.

Hernandez also released a video that showed the inside of the stadium during the game, which had a decent crowd, but it was nowhere near the sold-out crowd that one would expect for a Friday night game against a local rival.

The thing is, this is Southern California, the left-wing hotbed of America, where the LGBT agenda is widely accepted and massive crowds usually turn out for “pride” events during the month of June.

Nevertheless, it seems as if the decision to honor this anti-Christian group was a bridge too far even for people in Los Angeles.

The fact that the Dodgers could not turn out a crowd for this ceremony, despite it being a Friday-night game against a big rival, shows just how out of touch they are, even with their progressive fans.

If this is happening in the heartland of American progressivism, then the left should be very worried. The tide might finally be turning in the culture war.

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