Woman rejects doctors’ advice to abort baby despite aggressive brain cancer.

Mothers Choose ‌Life⁢ Over Cancer: Stories of Faith and Sacrifice

In a remarkable⁣ display‌ of faith and determination, two‌ mothers​ faced with cancer diagnoses refused to abort ‌their unborn children. ⁢Their stories serve as powerful reminders of the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Tasha Kann: A Test of Faith

The year was 2022 when Tasha Kann, ⁤a young mother from Michigan, experienced a debilitating migraine during‌ her pregnancy. Little did she know that this would lead to a life-changing discovery. ⁤Doctors ⁤diagnosed Kann with an aggressive malignant brain tumor, anaplastic astrocytoma grade III, when ‌she was 20 weeks pregnant.

“We recommend that ⁤you ⁢get an abortion,” Kann recalled doctors telling her. “They all looked at me and told me my best chances of survival would be ⁤to get an abortion ​and start treatment immediately — ​which might give me five to eight years of survival.”

However, ‌Kann’s unwavering faith in God led her to reject the doctors’ advice. ‍She firmly believed that her baby’s ⁤life was worth fighting ‍for, regardless of the dire prognosis.

“I told them absolutely not,”⁣ Kann said, adding⁣ that⁢ she felt “disgusted” that this was something she’d be recommended to ‌do.​ “If the ‌cancer was already​ as bad as they said,​ killing ‍my baby wouldn’t⁣ have saved me ‍anyway.”

With deep ⁣conversations with Jesus and an unyielding trust in His⁢ promises, Kann gave birth ​to ​a⁢ healthy baby ⁣girl ⁢named Gracey​ in October. Despite her ongoing battle with cancer, Kann finds strength in her⁤ family’s support⁣ and continues​ to fight.

Ellie Whittaker: A Mother’s ​Sacrifice

In another ‌inspiring story, Ellie ‍Whittaker faced a similar dilemma when doctors diagnosed her with stage two Hodgkin’s ‍Lymphoma. They advised her to have an abortion due to potential complications⁢ from cancer treatment.

“There was no⁢ way I was going to ⁣give her up so ​I ​chose to delay it,” Whittaker told The Daily Mail.

Whittaker’s determination ⁣to protect her unborn⁤ child led her to postpone cancer treatment ‌until after giving birth. Fortunately, her scans revealed that ‍she could safely wait until delivery to begin ⁣treatment.

In March of 2020, Whittaker⁢ welcomed a healthy baby into the world and embarked on an aggressive cancer treatment​ journey. After enduring 20​ rounds of chemotherapy,⁤ she received the incredible news that she was cancer-free.

“I lived with it for⁤ so long ‍it’s ⁣weird ‍that it’s finally gone — I can’t believe it,” she said. “Everyone’s supported me​ in many ways.⁣ I had to ‍wait two weeks for ‌the ‍results from my​ final scan​ which was agony. I’m so‍ pleased it’s ⁣gone and I can focus ‌on​ being a mum.”

These stories of Tasha Kann and Ellie Whittaker serve⁣ as powerful ‌reminders of the strength‍ and resilience of mothers who choose life over cancer. Their unwavering faith and sacrifice inspire us all.

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