Doctor: Biden Would Fail Mental Competency Test

Is President Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline a Concern?

In a recent interview on “Real America’s Voice,” renowned psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman expressed her doubts about President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities. Dr. Lieberman, who has appeared on⁤ popular shows like Oprah ⁣Winfrey and ‍Dr. Phil, emphasized ‍that ‌age is not the main issue.

According to Dr. Lieberman, “It’s not about his⁤ being too old. There are people a lot older who​ have their marbles and are ‌very intelligent and know history and are able‍ to know how to put this country in a good direction. So it’s not age…‌ It’s about his competency.”

Dr. Lieberman even went as far as to‍ say that Biden would fail a ⁤basic mental evaluation, such‌ as the mini-mental ​status test. She questioned whether he would even be able to answer the ‍simple question, “Who is the‌ president of the United States?”

These concerns are not unfounded. Biden has had numerous instances⁣ of brain freezes and confusing statements, as evidenced by videos shared on social media.

Despite these concerns, Biden’s administration continues to shield him from any mental evaluation, resorting to tactics like doctoring transcripts and limiting his interactions with the press.

Ironically, liberals often criticize former⁣ President Donald Trump’s age and mental fitness. However, after witnessing Biden’s performance over ​the years, it is clear that age is not the determining factor. What truly matters is the individual’s mental acuity.

Dr. Lieberman’s assessment raises valid concerns. With Biden, one ‍might have to wait for him to remember who the president is, and‌ by the time he responds, the answer may have changed.

Source: The Western Journal

What ‍evidence ⁢has been presented to support the ‍concerns about President Biden’s mental capabilities?

⁢The concerns surrounding President Joe Biden’s‍ cognitive decline have​ become a topic of discussion ⁣among both medical professionals and​ the general⁢ public. Renowned psychiatrist⁣ Dr. Carole Lieberman recently voiced​ her doubts⁢ about President Biden’s mental‌ capabilities, raising questions about his competency rather than his age.

Dr. Lieberman, ⁢a well-respected figure in the ‍field of psychiatry with appearances⁣ on popular shows such as Oprah Winfrey ‍and Dr. Phil, emphasized that age should not solely be seen​ as the determining factor. She pointed out that there are individuals much older‍ than President Biden who possess their mental ⁣faculties, intelligence, and a​ deep understanding of history. ⁤It is not a matter​ of age but rather one of competency.

The psychiatrist even suggested that President Biden would ⁣fail a basic mental evaluation, such ⁤as ‍the⁤ mini-mental status test. She questioned whether he would be able to correctly answer a straightforward question like, “Who is the president of the United​ States?”⁣ Such concerns highlight a growing unease about his mental acuity.

These concerns surrounding President Biden’s cognitive decline are not baseless. There have been several instances where he experienced brain ⁣freezes and made confusing statements, as witnessed in videos that have ‍been widely shared on social media platforms.

One video, shared by RNC Research on Twitter, shows President Biden experiencing a brain freeze during his‌ UN speech, ‍where he‍ struggled to articulate ⁣his thoughts coherently, ⁤saying, “The ‍21st century, 21st century results…” This incident raises concerns about his ability to express himself clearly and concisely, especially on an international stage.

Another video clip, ‍also shared on ⁢Twitter, captured President Biden’s ​confusion during‌ a speech, where he seemed unable to complete a sentence ‌properly. These instances, captured on camera and shared online,​ contribute⁣ to the growing ⁣concern about his cognitive decline and potential implications ⁣for ⁢his​ leadership.

The ‍issue of a president’s cognitive decline is not limited ⁤to‌ President Biden, as similar concerns were raised during the‌ presidency of his predecessor, Donald Trump. However, it is crucial to‍ address these concerns objectively and prioritize the well-being‌ of the⁤ nation.

While these concerns may lead to speculation and debate, it is ⁢important ‍to approach ⁤the topic with⁢ caution and‍ respect for the individual’s privacy and dignity. If valid ⁣concerns regarding a ‍president’s cognitive abilities arise, it is the responsibility ‌of medical professionals, experts, and advisors to further investigate and provide ‍appropriate guidance.

In conclusion, the concerns surrounding ‍President Biden’s cognitive decline are not unsubstantiated. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman’s ‍doubts about ‍his mental‍ capabilities and questions about his competency are significant. Instances of brain freezes and confusing statements, captured on camera and shared on social media,⁣ further ⁣fuel these concerns. It⁣ is crucial for medical professionals and experts to address these concerns objectively and provide appropriate guidance, prioritizing the well-being of the nation.

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