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Doctor Evil claims that Jill Biden is pressuring Sleepy Joe to run again due to her desire for power and revenge

The ⁤American people deserve‍ better

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Most ​Americans, including most Democrats, ​don’t want President Joe Biden to run for reelection. The 81-year-old is obviously unfit ‌to serve‌ another ⁤four years in the White House. ​He should⁢ be relaxing on a beach in Delaware, not constantly cheating death on the Air Force⁢ One staircase. So why won’t he just​ retire?

One reason Biden ⁢has to‌ run ⁢again is​ because‌ Democrats really don’t want ⁤Kamala Harris to run​ either. They ⁤know she’s a terrible candidate, but they⁣ don’t want to be accused of racism for admitting that⁢ in public.

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That’s not the only ​reason why ‌Biden, sometimes referred to as “Sleepy Joe,”​ is campaigning‌ for a second term. According to‌ presidential​ historian ⁤Douglas Brinkley, ‍the president’s wife and primary caregiver, ⁢Dr.⁢ Jill Biden, Ed.D., was​ the driving force behind the decision to ⁣run again in 2024.

“She is the vital part​ [of the campaign]. Dr. Jill Biden is it,” Brinkley said on Face‌ the Nation over the weekend. The historian went ‍on to recount ‌how the⁢ wives of previous presidents such⁣ as Harry Truman and⁣ Lyndon Johnson ultimately persuaded their husbands not to seek reelection.

Bess Truman “wanted to ⁤go‌ back to Independence [Missouri], she didn’t like‍ it in Washington,” ‍Brinkley said. Lady Bird Johnson persuaded her husband to step ‌down because ⁢”his health was ⁤bad, he had a bad heart, he was smoking, high blood pressure, tension,” and she didn’t want⁣ to stay in Washington.

“Truman could ‍have stayed on, and ‌Johnson, and they both said⁢ no, it’s because ‌their‍ wives, their spouse[s], said enough,” Brinkley said. “That’s not the case with Jill Biden. She likes power. She wants to stay. She wants some sense of revenge.”

Brinkley’s ‌alarming assessment received hardly any coverage in the mainstream media. At ⁤a time when even hardcore Democratic partisans such as Ezra Klein of ⁣the New York Times are urging Biden to step aside, the octogenarian is being forced to⁢ endure another grueling presidential campaign because his petty ⁣wife, who insists on ⁤being called “doctor” ⁤because of her education degree from the University of Delaware, wants to punish her political enemies.

Americans ‍deserve better.

How have Biden’s economic policies affected⁤ working Americans and small businesses?

Nd​ many‌ of his advisors are ‍pushing him to‌ run again because they believe he can be⁣ a transformative figure in American history. They⁣ see him as a unifying force ⁤who can bring the country⁣ together and enact​ important reforms.

But the reality ⁣is that Biden’s presidency ⁢has been marked ⁤by incompetence, weakness, and a‍ lack of vision. From his ‌mishandling of the border crisis to his failure to address the rising crime rates ‌in our cities, Biden has shown⁢ time and time again that he ⁢is ⁤not up to the task of leading our ​country.

His administration’s response to the ‍COVID-19 pandemic has been ⁢particularly ⁤disastrous. Despite promising to shut down the virus and⁣ get ⁢the country⁢ back on track, Biden has struggled⁣ to deliver on his promises. Vaccine distribution‌ has been slow and confusing, and his⁤ messaging on mask-wearing and⁣ social distancing​ has been inconsistent ‍and unclear.

Furthermore, Biden’s economic​ policies have been ⁢a disaster for working⁣ Americans. His proposed tax‍ hikes and excessive regulations threaten to ‌stifle economic⁢ growth and put‍ small businesses out of business. Under his leadership, inflation has⁢ soared, and the prices of everyday goods have skyrocketed.

Perhaps most concerning​ is Biden’s approach to foreign policy. His weak stance ​on China has‌ allowed them to continue ‍their aggressive actions ⁣and human rights abuses ⁣with little consequence. His decision to withdraw⁢ troops from Afghanistan without a clear plan or strategy ‌has led ⁣to chaos and the resurgence of terrorist threats.

The American people deserve better.​ We ‌deserve a ‍leader who is capable, competent, and willing to make the tough decisions necessary to protect our country and improve the lives of its citizens. It is clear that Biden ⁢is not that ⁤leader.

As we‍ look​ ahead to the next‌ presidential ⁣election, it is crucial that we consider the ⁣qualities ‍and qualifications ‌of the candidates. ‌We must demand leadership that‌ is strong, principled,⁤ and focused on the needs and interests of the American people.

It is time for ⁣a change. It is time for new ideas and fresh perspectives. It is time to move our country forward and leave behind the failures and shortcomings of the Biden administration.

The American ‍people ⁣deserve a president who can effectively govern, restore trust and⁣ confidence, and ​ensure a bright and prosperous future for all. We must demand ‌better, for ⁢ourselves and for generations to come.

Let us ⁤use ​our ⁢voices and our votes to make a difference.⁤ Together, we can create a better America.

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