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Do Republicans believe DeSantis won’t face impeachment or FBI framing?

The Trump Treatment: A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations

For the past seven years, the nation’s top Republican politician has been targeted, framed, impeached, raided, prosecuted, and now indicted by corrupt spy agencies on behalf of the Democrat Party. Their goal is to send their top political opponent to prison on charges they said were fascist, all in an effort to eliminate any threats to their own presidential candidates.

It’s no surprise that any Republican who questions the unelected, Congress-defying security state will face the same treatment. If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to anyone else who threatens their power. Even well-meaning candidates like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were smeared as a dog torturer and grandma murderer. But the media’s smear campaigns are nothing compared to their role as a security state propaganda tool to frame dissidents for treason.

“Looks like the FBI entrapped Trump’s lawyer to force him to violate attorney-client privilege. Looks like the FBI threatened his co-defendant’s lawyer’s judge nomination. Looks like the FBI boxed out the Miami field office, & ignored the DC assistant director’s worry. Looks corrupt.” – Christopher Bedford

Republicans who think the security state wouldn’t frame others the same way it did Trump are in denial. The evidence of their misconduct has been clear for seven years. If D.C. Republicans want any president but Trump, they must fight back against this relentless persecution.

If the law is not equally applied to all, it becomes a weapon for injustice. If the powerful can break constitutional norms for one man, they can break them for anyone else they choose.

The Trump Treatment Is Already Spreading

This lawless weaponization of government is not limited to Trump. Republican senators like Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have been targeted by the security state for getting too close to its corruption. Even lower-profile Republicans like former Rep. Jeff Fortenberry have faced similar treatment. Ron DeSantis is also experiencing the Trump treatment with attempts to bring criminal charges against him for his lawful actions.

Let’s not forget the FBI and DOJ’s entrapment of Mike Flynn, the raid on pro-life dad Mark Houck, the jailing of a pro-Trump meme creator, and the allowance of violent mobs to pressure Supreme Court justices. They have also pressured social media giants to help rig elections, targeted individuals accused of misdemeanors on Jan. 6, labeled parents as “domestic terrorists” for protesting at school board meetings, and even spied on churches as hotbeds of anti-regime messaging.

And then there’s Spygate, the tip of the security-state iceberg. It took seven years to even get an accounting from a special counsel who brought zero accountability. The Federalist, along with a few other reporters, tirelessly exposed the Democrats’ lies. Spygate involved powerful institutions working together to frame Trump as a Russian traitor to cover up evidence of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s own traitorous activities.

“In 2016, the Hillary Clinton campaign fabricated false reports of ‘collusion’ between Trump and Russia and spread them to a sympathetic law enforcement and national security bureaucracy. The ‘Russia hoax’ sparked a special counsel investigation that paralyzed the Trump White House for two years. The recent Durham Report fingered political bias by high FBI officials as the culprit.” – John Yoo and Robert Delahunty

This credibility-killing operation from the federal agencies is still ongoing. It was intelligence agency election interference that boosted Democrats for two presidential election cycles, and now possibly a third.

These abuses of power are not limited to the FBI and DOJ. The “Resistance” involved insubordinate federal employees across all agencies working to undermine the policies of their constitutionally designated, democratically elected boss. And let’s not forget the actions of General Mark Milley, who secretly promised to warn Chinese officials if Trump ordered a strike on China and ordered senior officers to check with him before executing orders from the president.

Any future Republican president, as well as governors and senators, can expect similar behavior from an American bureaucracy that has become unmoored from constitutional restrictions.

Indictment Is the Same Play as Spygate

After successfully interfering in the 2016 election, the corrupt FBI leaked information about Hunter Biden’s laptop in an attempt to boost Democrats’ false claims of “Russian disinformation.” It’s becoming clear that the FBI was not investigating the laptop but burying it, along with other evidence of Biden corruption.

In their recent indictment, the DOJ’s special counsel boasted about audio recordings of Trump appearing to confirm he retained a document he failed to declassify as president. Yet, the same agency hid evidence of audio recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly taking bribes from Ukrainians. They also claimed Trump’s documents include major national security information, conveniently classified so that nobody can see them. However, the president has the right to decide what is a presidential record and what isn’t.

Trump has been falsely accused of being dangerous with nuclear information multiple times, yet there is no evidence to support these claims. The security state’s narrative about Trump’s call with Ukraine was disproven when he released the transcript of the call. However, Democrats still impeached him while hiding key evidence and structuring the impeachment to control the flow of information.

The DOJ and FBI constantly use misleading leaks to the media to legitimize their pursuit of jailing their top political opponent. This is disinformation and misinformation, election interference, and authoritarian behavior.

End Abuses of Power with Legitimate Uses of Power

It’s clear from the overwhelming evidence that any Republican who pushes for what the party’s voters want will face the same treatment as Trump. The left’s goal is not just to hamper the right’s chances in the next presidential election but to outlaw the ideological platform that made the new GOP competitive. These tyrannical tactics will continue unless those who deploy them are held legally accountable.

The unprosecuted history of institutionalized crime should teach us that those willing to do such things will do anything they can get away with. It’s up to those in power to stop these systemic abuses by exercising their rightful authority. It will be a long and difficult process, but it’s necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

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