DNC Manages to match Political Information Into Easter Statement

On Easter Sunday morning, the DNC released a joint statement from DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, along with DNC Interfaith Council Co-Chairs Nadia Ahmad, Cindy Bass, Sarah Levin, and Johnnie Roebuck. 

The statement starts off with a meaningful tone. “Today, we wish Christians across the country a happy Easter. While this weekend of observance is of particular significance for Christians, the Resurrection is a story in which people of all faiths and traditions can find meaning,” it begins. The Resurrection that the statement references is with regards to Jesus Christ rising from the dead, which is a Christian belief. 

The next paragraphs provide some indication as to what the co-authors of the statement might be referring to, which is to co-opt it for a message about their handling of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, and to pat themselves on the back. The rest of the statement reads:

It is a story of hope, faith, sacrifice, and service. As our country endured the pandemic, so many of us came to know loss. But through hope, faith, and our collective effort, the United States has come back stronger. Because of our work, millions of families across the country are worshiping, hunting for Easter eggs, and celebrating the resurrection of Christ in person.

On this Easter Sunday, the Democratic Party reaffirms our commitment to serve our fellow citizens. We will work today and every day to address the needs of communities all across this country.

When it comes to this idea of “com[ing] back stronger,” it’s worth noting that a strong majority of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track, according to numerous polls. Data from RealClearPolitics (RCP) for March 2-April 12 shows that 27.5 percent believe the country is going in the “right direction,” while 64.9 percent believe it is on the “wrong track.”

In addition to tweeting an Easter message from his account, Harrison mocked former President Donald Trump’s Easter messages, claiming Trump did not know the meaning of the holiday. Harrison was retweeting a side-by-side contrast of Trump and President Joe Biden’s tweet from his official account on Easter.

Trump released two Easter statements.

The RNC statement from Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel merely read: “Happy Easter Sunday to Christians around the world celebrating this holiest of days –  the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. Let us rejoice in our Risen Lord and pray that Christ’s peace and His promise of eternal life remain with us throughout the year. Wishing everyone a blessed day!”

The RNC and McDaniel’s Twitter account, as of the time of publication, have stuck to Easter messages. 

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