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Viral video: Snow White actresses from Disney and Daily Wire compared.

A‌ Tale of Two Snow ⁣Whites: Disney vs Daily Wire

Last week,‍ a viral post‍ featuring video clips from Disney’s​ “Snow White” actress Rachel Zegler and Daily ‌Wire/Bentkey’s “Snow White and the Evil ​Queen” star Brett Cooper sparked a heated debate‍ about the relationship between the sexes.

The side-by-side videos, posted by popular X account “End Wokeness,” challenged viewers to “spot the difference” between the two upcoming “Snow White” remakes ​set to release in 2024.

A Feminist Twist

In her ⁤clip, ​Zegler, known⁢ for her far-Left⁢ feminist activism,​ boldly declares​ that Disney’s “Snow White” ​will break away from the traditional narrative of a damsel in ⁢distress saved by a prince.⁤ She emphasizes that the new Snow White will ⁤dream of becoming a leader, not of finding true love.

On the other hand, ​Cooper’s video highlights the harmful effects of feminist rhetoric on women. She questions why ⁢so many⁣ women are predicted to ⁢be unmarried and childless‍ by 2030,⁤ attributing it to the belief that men are disposable and that a woman’s career is the only thing that‍ matters.

The post⁣ has garnered ​over 1.7 million views and sparked a flurry of comments from users, with one remarking, “Woke vs based. The battle for our culture.”


“Daily Wire: concerned about‌ women’s ⁣health,” another comment reads, “Disney: doesn’t⁣ know⁢ how to⁤ define ⁣what ⁢a woman is.”

Another user points‍ out the consequences of the radical left’s promotion of anti-men sentiments, ⁢leading to a culture that rejects marriage and family.

Zegler ⁢has ⁣been vocal about her disdain ⁣for the ​original “Snow White” fairytale, ‍calling it off-putting ​and⁤ even suggesting that​ Prince Charming’s scenes ⁢could be cut‍ from the remake.⁤ In contrast, Cooper expresses her love⁣ for the original ‌Brothers Grimm⁢ fairytale ⁣and the timeless ⁢values it represents.

Disney’s‍ recent announcement of a ⁣one-year delay in the release⁣ of ⁣their “Snow White” movie aligns with ‌the backlash they‌ received​ for their woke messaging surrounding the adaptation. Speculation arises‍ that⁤ the delay may be due to⁢ reshooting significant portions of the film.

Unlike Zegler, Cooper expresses excitement and honor in bringing the ⁣story to life, ​emphasizing the importance of ‌the original⁢ “Snow White” values that she believes are lacking in today’s culture.

Popular YouTuber The ‌Critical Drinker comments on Bentkey’s “Snow White and the Evil Queen”‍ trailer, calling it ⁢a⁣ direct ‍challenge to Disney and expressing support for competition in the industry.

Amanda Harding contributed to this report

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How does the controversy surrounding Disney’s “Snow White” remake reflect the influence‍ of media in shaping societal norms and values?

E⁤ release of ‍their “Snow White” remake has only fueled the ⁣ongoing⁢ debate. Some argue that Disney’s decision is a result of the backlash they received from Zegler’s comments, while others believe it⁤ is a strategic⁣ move to generate more buzz and anticipation for the film.

The Role of Media

This ⁣controversy highlights the power of media in shaping societal norms and values.‍ Disney, as one of the world’s most influential entertainment companies, has a significant impact on the beliefs and attitudes of its audience, especially young children. By reimagining “Snow White” with a feminist twist, they are sending a ‌message⁢ that challenges ⁢traditional gender roles and promotes female empowerment.

On⁤ the other hand, Daily Wire’s “Snow‍ White and ⁣the ⁣Evil Queen” takes a different ⁤approach. By ‍emphasizing the detrimental effects of feminism, they aim to shed light on the potential consequences of prioritizing a woman’s career over her ‍personal life. This perspective resonates‍ with those who believe in the ⁤importance of traditional family values and the role of men in society.

The Battle⁣ of Ideologies

The clash between Disney and Daily Wire’s “Snow White” remakes represents a larger battle of ideologies in our society. It reflects the ongoing struggle between progressive beliefs, ⁤advocating for equality and ⁢inclusivity, and more conservative values, emphasizing traditional⁢ gender roles and family structures. This battle is not limited to the realm of entertainment; it permeates various ⁢aspects of our⁣ culture, from politics to social issues.

Both sides​ of⁤ the debate have valid arguments and⁤ concerns. ⁤The challenge lies⁣ in finding‍ a balance that acknowledges the progress made in promoting gender equality while respecting the traditions and ⁢values that have shaped our society. It is crucial​ to engage in a respectful and constructive dialogue to bridge the divide and work towards a more inclusive future.

Moving⁢ Forward

The controversy surrounding ⁤the two “Snow White” remakes serves as an opportunity to ⁤reflect on the ever-evolving nature of storytelling‍ and ‌the impact it has on our society. As viewers and consumers, ‍we must critically analyze the ​narratives presented to us⁤ and ‌question the underlying messages ⁢they convey. It is essential to support a diverse⁣ range of stories that represent different perspectives and challenge conventional norms.

Ultimately, the success of these films ⁤will be determined by the audience’s response. Both Disney and Daily Wire’s “Snow White” remakes have the potential to spark important conversations and provoke thought on the role of women​ in society. As ⁢the ⁢release dates draw nearer, it will be interesting to see ‍how the debate unfolds and the impact these films will have on our understanding of gender roles, relationships, and the stories we tell.

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