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Disney pushes back, seeks dismissal of Gina Carano-Elon Musk lawsuit

The article ⁢discusses the legal ⁢battle involving⁣ actress Gina‍ Carano suing Disney and ⁤Lucasfilm. Drawing a comparison to the First ⁢Battle ‌of Geonosis, ⁤it hints ​at escalating tensions.⁤ Disney responds by pushing⁤ to dismiss the lawsuit against Gina Carano and Elon Musk. For more details, you can visit The Western Journal website. The article explores actress Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm, likening it ​to the First Battle of Geonosis to emphasize potential escalations. Disney’s response‍ focuses on seeking the dismissal of the lawsuit involving Gina Carano ⁢and Elon Musk.⁢ To delve deeper⁤ into this topic, readers can find additional information on The Western Journal ‍website.

Not unlike the First Battle of Geonosis, this fight could turn ugly quickly. About two months after actress Gina Carano filed a biting lawsuit against Disney and Lucasfilm, the House […]

The post Disney Claims to Have ‘Had Enough,’ Demands Gina Carano-Elon Musk Lawsuit Get Thrown Out appeared first on The Western Journal.

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