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Dianne Feinstein grants power of attorney to daughter, remains in Senate.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Refuses to Resign Despite Calls for ​Her Departure

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), 90, has⁣ made a significant decision regarding her future‌ in politics. Despite⁤ facing‍ mounting pressure to step down due to her age and health, the California Democrat has chosen to⁤ retain her‍ position in the Senate. However, she⁢ has recently made a ‍significant move by granting power of attorney to her daughter.

This decision to transfer power of attorney is typically made when an individual’s health has deteriorated to the point where they are unable to function effectively. By entrusting her daughter with this responsibility, it suggests ⁣that Feinstein’s cognitive abilities have further declined. This development is likely to fuel the calls for⁢ her resignation.

Legal Dispute‍ and Health Challenges

One of the reasons behind Feinstein’s decision to cede power of attorney to her daughter is to⁤ assist in resolving a legal dispute concerning her late husband’s assets. This move highlights the complexities she​ is currently facing.

Feinstein’s health and cognitive abilities have ⁤been under⁢ scrutiny for several⁣ years. This scrutiny intensified when she was absent from the ⁤Senate for several months while undergoing treatment for shingles. Her ability to‌ function effectively in the Senate has⁤ been reliant on a team of‌ aides due to complications arising from encephalitis, memory loss, and the shingles.

Public Opinion

A recent poll conducted in June revealed that nearly two-thirds of California voters believe Feinstein should resign. This sentiment reflects the growing concerns about her ability to fulfill her duties effectively.

Despite the​ calls for ​her departure, Feinstein remains resolute in her decision to stay in the Senate. Only⁤ time⁣ will tell how this‍ situation unfolds and whether further action will be taken.

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