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France to defy European Court of Human Rights, deport ‘dangerous’ foreigners.

France to Expel Foreigners Deemed a Threat, Defying European Court of Human Rights

A French government official has ⁣announced that France ‌will take bold measures to expel foreigners considered dangerous, regardless‌ of the European Court of Human ⁤Rights’ stance on ⁤the matter.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin⁣ has proposed a ⁤plan that has ⁢been described as the country’s most significant crackdown on migration in three decades by GB News.

While there may be consequences for violating the European Convention on Human Rights, which has hindered deportations in the past, France is willing to face fines in order to prioritize the safety of its citizens.

On the positive side, France would not be obligated to readmit the deported individuals back into the country.

Darmanin emphasized that there are no limits when it comes to protecting the​ French people from terrorism, ⁢as reported ⁢by ‍The Times.

“What is the role of the interior minister? To protect the population,” he stated.

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The proposal would significantly extend⁣ the period during which a foreign national ‍can be detained pending deportation, according to GB News. Currently, the ⁤limit ‍is 90 days, often resulting in the ⁢release of detained migrants before the deportation ‍process ⁣is completed. The new law would extend this period to 18 months.

France would have the authority to deport individuals with a criminal record or those‍ on the watchlist⁤ of an intelligence agency.

The law would​ also aim to​ deny residency permits to individuals who​ cannot speak French⁤ or support radical Islam.

“I think​ the French people… find it reasonable that someone sentenced to ten years in prison for terrorist activities can be expelled because they are very dangerous,” Darmanin explained.

“We used to wait for the opinion [of the ECHR], even if it meant keeping extremely dangerous ​individuals on our⁣ soil,” he added. “Now we don’t⁢ wait. We expel, and we wait to see what the court is going to say.”

According to the⁢ Voice of Europe, France has already been taking a tough stance on unwanted foreigners. Darmanin cited the expulsion of two Chechen criminals, despite ECHR concerns about potential torture upon their return to Russia. He also revealed that 89 “radicalized foreigners” have ​been deported this year.

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What are the potential consequences for France for violating the European Convention on Human Rights in ‌their plan to expel foreigners deemed a threat?

France to​ Expel Foreigners Deemed a Threat, Defying European ‍Court of Human ⁢Rights

In a bold move, France has declared its ​intentions to ‍expel foreigners who are seen as a danger to the country, regardless of the ​European Court of Human Rights’ stance on the matter. This announcement comes as Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin proposes ‌a plan that has been described as the ⁤most significant crackdown on migration ⁣in three decades.

Despite potential consequences for violating the‍ European Convention on Human Rights,‍ France is⁣ willing to face fines in order to prioritize the safety⁣ of‍ its citizens. This decision marks a ‍significant departure from the previous hesitations and limitations when it comes ⁤to deportations.

One positive aspect of⁢ this plan is that⁤ France will not be obligated to readmit the deported individuals back into ‌the country.⁢ This ensures that the country can effectively protect‍ its citizens from potential terrorism threats.

Minister Darmanin has strongly emphasized⁢ the importance of protecting the French population against terrorism. ‌He believes that there should be no limits when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being ​of the citizens. The role of the interior minister, according to Darmanin, is to⁢ prioritize the protection of the population.

France’s⁢ decision to take these ⁤measures, regardless of the European Court of Human Rights’ stance, showcases ⁣the country’s determination to⁣ maintain safety and security within its borders. ​While there may be legal​ and diplomatic ​ramifications for this defiance, France ⁤is demonstrating its​ commitment to keeping its citizens safe.

It is important to acknowledge ‍that this decision may spark debate and criticism, as it directly challenges⁣ the ⁣authority of the European ‍Court of Human Rights. However, France’s prioritization ‍of its citizens’ security should not be understated, ​particularly ​in light of recent‍ terrorist threats faced by the country.

As the plan moves forward, it will be ​interesting to see ⁢how this decision ‍will impact France’s relationship with the European Court of Human Rights and its ⁢standing ‌within the international​ community. France’s resolve to protect its citizens, even if it means breaking European laws, reflects the government’s determination to take⁣ the necessary steps to ensure national security.

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