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DeSantis to chat with CNN’s Tapper soon.

Florida Gov.‌ Ron DeSantis ⁤to⁤ be Interviewed‍ by CNN’s ‍Jake⁤ Tapper

Exciting ​news​ for⁢ political ‌enthusiasts! Florida Gov. Ron‌ DeSantis ​is set ​to ⁤be​ interviewed ⁣by‍ CNN’s very own Jake Tapper⁣ this week. ⁤This interview marks‍ a significant change in ⁤pattern ​for ‌the ​governor,⁤ as ‍he has ⁤primarily given interviews to conservative-leaning outlets⁢ since⁣ announcing his presidential run⁢ in May.

The ‌highly-anticipated ⁢interview⁣ will‌ take ​place ​on Tuesday, ​according to the New York Post.​ DeSantis’s campaign spokesman,‌ Bryan⁤ Griffin,⁣ expressed ⁣enthusiasm about⁣ engaging ⁣with the media​ and getting their message out‍ to⁣ the⁢ American ⁤people.

“There are people⁤ within⁤ the ​media who are ​still ⁣seeking⁣ the‍ truth; ​we⁢ will ‌engage ​with​ them,” said‌ Griffin. “And ‍we look ⁣forward to getting our message out ‍there ​to ‍the‌ American people.”

CNN has been actively hosting ​town ⁤halls with various Republican ⁢candidates in⁤ the 2024 presidential ⁤primary⁣ race. Former ​President Donald Trump, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki ⁤Haley, and former New ⁢Jersey Gov.‌ Chris ⁤Christie have‍ all‌ participated in these town halls. ‌Now,⁢ it’s ⁤DeSantis’s ‍turn⁢ to take ⁣the spotlight.

In ⁤the ‌midst of ‌the 2024 Republican ‌primary race, ⁢DeSantis has been ‍investing ⁤heavily‍ in ⁤his campaign. In⁤ fact, he⁢ has⁢ spent nearly twice⁤ as much ‌as Trump, with ⁢his campaign paying Google and Meta approximately‌ $1.8 million ⁤for ⁣digital ‌ads. In ⁣contrast, Trump’s ⁤campaign has ⁤only⁢ spent $928,544, ‌according ⁣to a ‌report.

Both‌ Trump and DeSantis are​ considered frontrunners ‌for ​the⁢ Republican​ party’s‍ nomination in ⁢2024. ‍While ⁤Trump currently leads ‌DeSantis ​in several ‌polls,⁢ the former president⁢ hinted at the‍ possibility of ⁣a potential running‌ mate from among his fellow​ Republican candidates ​during a​ recent ‌interview with Maria Bartiromo on ‍Sunday ‌Morning Futures.

A ​recent poll⁣ conducted ‍from July 8-11 ​revealed interesting insights. ⁤61% of⁤ voters ⁤believe ‌President Joe ‌Biden is not the strongest ​candidate⁣ Democrats​ could‍ nominate, while 53%‍ of ‍voters feel⁤ the same way about Trump‍ as the ‌strongest candidate for Republicans ‍in 2024. Among ‍the most ​skeptical about ⁣the two⁤ front-runners, 84% ⁣of ⁤Trump ⁤2020‍ voters doubt Biden’s ​strength‌ as ⁤a Democratic nominee, while 76% of Biden ​2020 ⁢voters ‍are skeptical ‌about⁢ Trump’s potential as ⁢the strongest Republican⁤ candidate ⁣in 2024.

Stay tuned ​for the​ highly-anticipated interview between ​Gov. ⁢Ron ‌DeSantis and Jake⁤ Tapper on ⁢CNN!

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