DeSantis shares top pick for President, dreams of dining with Jesus’s Disciples.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Opens Up About His Faith and Values

Florida Governor and presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis recently sat down for an engaging interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. In the interview, DeSantis shared more about his personal background and his deep respect for America’s founding fathers.

During the interview, DeSantis spoke with David Brody of CBN News about his strict Catholic upbringing and the values instilled in him by his family. He emphasized the importance of hard work, education, and attending church regularly.

Reflecting on his time at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, DeSantis acknowledged that while he may not have enjoyed it at the time, he now appreciates the discipline and principles instilled in him by the school.

DeSantis also discussed the role of faith in his life, particularly during challenging times such as his sister’s death and his wife’s battle with breast cancer. He emphasized that his household is centered around Christ and that he is raising his children with Christian values.

Furthermore, DeSantis discussed the importance of Christianity in government and praised the founding fathers for establishing a free nation based on the belief that God has endowed individuals with inalienable rights. He emphasized that the Constitution was created to protect these rights, not to grant them.

When asked about his favorite president, DeSantis revealed that while James Madison is his favorite “constitutional theorist,” his favorite president is George Washington. DeSantis praised Washington’s unimpeachable character and his decision to voluntarily give up power after leading America to independence.

DeSantis also expressed his admiration for Jesus and his disciples, stating that he would have loved to have been present during their time. He marveled at their dedication to spreading the Gospel and expressed a desire to have a conversation with them about their experiences.

As a former Navy veteran and lawyer, DeSantis has served as Florida’s Republican governor for four years and was a congressman for six years prior to that. He officially announced his presidential candidacy last month and has consistently ranked among the top contenders in hypothetical 2024 matchups.

While DeSantis has performed well in polls, it is worth noting that former President Donald Trump continues to hold a lead in several polls. However, DeSantis remains a strong contender in the race for the presidency.

Source: The Western Journal

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