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DeSantis: Pentagon’s ‘Mission First’ plan boosts recruitment, reduces wokeness.

Gov. Ron ‍DeSantis Takes⁤ Aim ⁣at⁤ Woke Military Policies, Unveils “Mission ​First” Proposal

During a‌ recent speech in Columbia, South Carolina, Gov. Ron‍ DeSantis (R-FL)‍ passionately expressed‍ his⁤ concerns about the impact of woke military policies on national security.‌ As he announced his “Mission​ First” ⁣proposal for the ⁤Pentagon, DeSantis emphasized ‌the need to prioritize​ the mission and‌ restore⁤ the armed ‌forces to​ their rightful⁢ place.

A⁤ Call ⁤for Action

DeSantis firmly stated,​ “Our ⁢mantra on Jan. ‌20,⁤ 2025, ⁤as⁣ commander in chief ​will be⁣ very simple: mission first, ⁣accomplish the mission.” He promised swift action to⁤ correct the course and‍ highlighted the positive‌ outcomes that would‍ follow, such as ⁤improved retention and recruitment.

“We’re going to come in, and⁢ we’re going to take very swift action to right the ship,⁣ restore us to where we need‍ to be, and you know what you’ll see?‍ You will ⁣see better ‌retention, and you will ⁢see ⁤better recruitment.”

Criticism of Woke‌ Policies

DeSantis ⁤criticized the Defense Department’s focus⁢ on climate policies and diversity, equity, and ⁣inclusion ‍programs as criteria‌ for promotion. ‌He ⁣firmly believed ⁢that promotions ‍should be based solely ⁣on merit and achievement.

“We also have ⁢to ⁤ensure that there’s good order and discipline on military⁢ installations. Having things‌ like ‌drag shows on military ⁢bases should not⁢ be allowed,” ⁤the governor ‌said. “We’re ‌also ⁢not going to ‌do ‌gender​ ideology‌ and transgenderism in the military. ⁤It is just not ‌appropriate to be injecting⁤ that ​into our armed forces.”

DeSantis emphasized⁤ the importance of maintaining consistent standards across ‌different military endeavors, ⁤whether it⁣ be becoming a ⁢Navy ⁤SEAL‌ or excelling ‌in aviation ‌or‌ infantry. He ⁣firmly opposed any ‍dilution‍ of standards for political or ⁢social reasons.

“There’s got to be one standard to be able‌ to participate in different endeavors,” DeSantis said.​ “If you’re‌ going to be a Navy SEAL? ⁣You’ve got to go through ⁢that ⁣training. If‌ you ⁣can’t ⁤make ​it, then ⁣you’re just not ‌going to be​ able⁤ to do that.​ That’s⁤ true in aviation.‌ It’s true in⁣ infantry. It’s true⁣ across the board. Don’t water down‌ the‌ standards‌ due to political or​ social ⁢reasons.”

Reversing ⁤the ‌Decline

DeSantis’s policy announcement, aimed‍ at removing woke​ ideologies from⁤ the military, is part of his campaign to restore the ⁤armed forces’ mission-focused ⁤approach.⁤ According to DeSantis’s spokesman, Andrew Romeo, ⁢this‌ initiative is necessary because President Joe Biden is ‍prioritizing a‍ social agenda over the core values of‌ the ‌military.

“We all ​know our⁢ country has been declining in recent years. We see​ it, we ‍feel it, and,‍ unfortunately, ⁣not too many⁢ people are doing ‍anything about it,” the presidential candidate said. “I ⁢think decline of this country is a ‌choice. I​ think ‍it’s a choice‍ that we make. I ‍believe that success ⁣is attainable. And I’m running for president not to⁤ manage the⁤ decline. I’m ‌running for president to ​reverse ⁢the decline.”

Presidential Campaign in Full ‍Swing

DeSantis filed⁢ paperwork for his⁢ presidential⁢ campaign in ⁣South Carolina, becoming the‍ first 2024 Republican ⁤candidate‍ to⁣ take this step.‍ He expressed ​his commitment to​ addressing the‍ concerns of ‍the people ‌of South Carolina and criticized President Biden’s performance.

“I‍ have heard it on the‌ ground‍ in ⁤every one of ⁢my ‌visits​ to⁣ South Carolina since ​entering this⁣ race⁢ — Joe ⁤Biden is ⁣failing the⁤ people of this state,” ⁣Florida’s ​governor said earlier Tuesday. “Help is on the way.”

However, Christale Spain, the Chairwoman of ‍the South Carolina Democratic Party, dismissed DeSantis’s candidacy,​ citing‍ his lack of‍ charisma and a failed ⁣economic⁤ record. She ‌questioned his electability and predicted a lack⁢ of support‍ for⁣ him ‍in the upcoming‌ primary contest.

“Because of‌ his failed leadership, Florida faces some of the highest costs⁣ in the nation,⁤ is ‍one‌ of the lowest ranking states ⁤in ⁤health‍ care affordability, and ​has twice the rate of inflation⁣ than the U.S. average⁤ —⁣ and‍ residents’ fundamental freedoms are under attack,” ⁤she ‍said. “He‌ may be ‍the first to​ put his name on ‌the ballot in⁤ the Palmetto State, but at the rate his campaign is⁢ going,⁤ South Carolinians will be ‍saying ‘DeSantis,‍ who?’ ⁣come ⁤February 2024.”

As the 2024 presidential ⁢race gains⁤ momentum, Gov. Ron ‍DeSantis’s “Mission First” ‍proposal and‍ his commitment to reversing the decline of the​ country have ⁢sparked both‍ support‌ and criticism.


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