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DeSantis suggests removing Biden via 25th Amendment if he’s unfit for trial

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Slams President Biden’s⁢ Handling⁤ of Classified Material

In‍ a scathing ⁣interview ⁢with Mark Levin, Florida Republican Governor ‍Ron DeSantis criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of classified material, ‌following Special⁣ Counsel Robert Hur’s report on the matter.

Hur’s report ​concluded that Biden “willfully retained​ and disclosed classified materials“‌ after⁢ his vice presidency, but‍ no criminal charges were warranted due to Biden potentially presenting himself as an elderly man ⁣with a poor memory.

DeSantis argued that if Biden is deemed “too ‍senile” to stand trial, he should not be trusted with the U.S.’s nuclear codes, suggesting the use of the ⁣25th Amendment to remove him from office if he is mentally incapable.

“This was a pattern and practice for Biden⁣ over many ‍decades,” DeSantis stated. He compared Biden’s ‌actions to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, noting that Biden’s ‌willful retention of documents was even more concerning.

DeSantis accused the media of protecting Biden from scrutiny over ⁢his mental fitness, claiming that if ⁤Biden were a Republican, ‍the corporate media would be ⁤relentless in their ⁢coverage.

DeSantis concluded by questioning whether ‌Biden’s staff intentionally allowed him to ‍have a ‍disastrous press conference, potentially hoping it would lead the​ Democratic Party to consider other candidates for the upcoming convention.

Watch the interview:


⁤How should the Biden administration respond to ​Governor DeSantis’ concerns and take⁣ steps ⁢to prevent future incidents of mishandling classified information

T, ⁤which was ​released earlier this week, raised​ serious concerns about the mishandling of ​classified information by the current administration. This has ‌sparked ‌a strong reaction from Governor DeSantis, ​who believes that President Biden’s lack of attention to detail in terms of safeguarding classified material jeopardizes national security.

During his interview with Mark Levin,⁣ Governor DeSantis expressed his disappointment​ at the careless attitude displayed by President Biden and his⁤ team towards classified⁢ information. He emphasized that mishandling ‍classified material is a grave⁤ offense that ‌cannot be taken lightly, as it puts the lives and security of American citizens at ⁢risk.

Governor DeSantis ‍highlighted ⁢a specific incident outlined ⁣in Hur’s report where President Biden‌ inadvertently disclosed sensitive information during a public address. This incident revealed a wide gap in understanding regarding the handling of classified material, raising serious questions about ‍the competence and ⁣professionalism of the current ‌administration.

As the governor ⁤of Florida, a⁤ state highly‌ vulnerable to potential security threats, DeSantis stressed the⁤ importance of leaders who prioritize the security and wellbeing of American citizens. He emphasized that mishandling classified information is ​not only a violation of trust but also ​an invitation for⁤ hostile entities to exploit sensitive information for their ⁤own gain.

Governor ⁢DeSantis further criticized the lack of accountability displayed by the Biden administration in ‌response to the report. He​ called for ⁢a ‍thorough assessment of⁣ the incident⁢ to determine if​ any‌ laws or⁣ protocols ⁢were violated, and if so, what appropriate actions should be taken to prevent future mishandling ⁢of classified information.

The ​governor’s concerns resonate with many Americans who believe in⁤ the fundamental importance of ‌protecting national security. The mishandling of classified ‍material erodes public trust and confidence in the integrity of the government, and it cannot be dismissed lightly.

This incident⁣ raises ‌broader questions⁢ about the level of competence ⁣and attention to ​detail within the current ⁤administration. Safeguarding classified information is not ‍a matter of mere protocol;​ it is a⁤ critical⁢ responsibility of​ any government leader. Failure to prioritize this responsibility undermines‍ the very‌ foundation of national security.

Governor DeSantis’ criticism serves as a reminder that the mishandling of classified‌ material​ should never be taken lightly. It is imperative for​ President Biden and his⁤ administration to respond​ to these concerns and take immediate steps to ensure that such incidents⁣ do not recur.

As the ⁢President of the United States, Biden has ⁢a duty to ⁢uphold the highest standards ⁢of security and protect the interests of the⁢ American people. Allowing the mishandling of classified‍ information⁣ to persist undermines this duty and places the nation at risk.

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis’ criticism of President Biden’s handling of classified material highlights a significant‍ concern regarding national security and the overall competence ‍of the‍ current administration. It is crucial that​ immediate actions are taken to address these concerns and prevent​ future mishandling ​of classified information.

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