DeSantis warns of electric vehicles’ threat to US security and economy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis⁢ Warns of ⁣Risks to National Security and Economy with Electric Vehicle Push

In a recent interview, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed concerns about the Democratic push for widespread adoption of electric vehicles, highlighting the potential dangers it poses to U.S. national ‍security and ⁤the economy.

During his appearance ‍on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning‍ Futures”​ with Maria Bartiromo, DeSantis ⁢discussed President Joe Biden’s support‌ for striking auto‍ workers and the impact of forcing ⁤electric vehicles on the automobile industry and American citizens.

“They are going to really hurt the⁤ whole automobile industry. It⁤ is‌ going⁤ to⁣ hurt jobs, forcing EVs,” DeSantis emphasized.‍ “A lot of people ‍don’t want EVs, a lot of Americans can’t afford EVs. It will make our country more⁣ dependent on⁤ communist China which we definitely don’t need to be doing.”

DeSantis further criticized the partnership between ‍California Governor Gavin Newsom and President Biden, which mandates electric big rigs. He argued‍ that this requirement would severely disrupt the Port ‌of Long ⁢Beach, ⁤a crucial hub ⁤for the‌ country’s economy.

“These​ big rigs, they go, like 100⁤ miles on an electric, then they’ve ⁤got⁢ to do a ‍charge. It is ⁣totally, totally ridiculous,”‍ DeSantis ​exclaimed. “So, I’m going⁣ to come in as president, we’re going to reverse all of those Biden EV mandates, we’re going to save the American automobile.”

The ⁣governor also highlighted the negative impact of electric big rigs⁢ on the supply chain, as frequent recharging would lead to inflation and harm the economy.

“It’s ‍putting ideology⁤ ahead of anything that’s practical, and I think the truckers were really excited we were ‌there to shine a light on some‍ of the insanity that’s going on‍ out California,” DeSantis added.

Watch the interview ‌below:

How does ⁤Chinese⁣ investment in Florida’s real estate market, particularly in areas⁤ like Miami, ⁣impact the ‍local economy and housing affordability?

Onomy Posed by Chinese Influence in⁤ the State

In recent years, there has been growing ‌concern about the extent of Chinese ‍influence in‍ various sectors of the⁢ American economy. ​Florida Governor ‌Ron DeSantis has recently warned about⁢ the risks posed by such influence to national security and⁢ the state’s ​economy.‍ As a key figure in a ⁣state heavily reliant on international trade and with a significant military presence, Governor DeSantis’ concerns must ​be taken seriously.

Florida ‍is the third most populous state in the United States and serves as a gateway ​to​ Latin America. The state’s ports handle a ⁣significant ‍amount ⁢of international trade, making it vulnerable to potential exploitation⁢ by foreign powers. Governor DeSantis ⁣is particularly concerned about China’s influence​ on vital infrastructure projects, including ‌ports, transportation systems, and telecommunications networks. These are areas in which Chinese state-owned ‌companies have been actively investing, raising fears of potential espionage and cyber threats.

Governor DeSantis has rightly ‌pointed out that China is not ⁣an ordinary trading partner; it⁣ is a strategic competitor and potential adversary. The Chinese⁢ government has a long history of engaging in ​unfair trade⁣ practices, intellectual⁢ property theft,⁣ and espionage. Therefore, it is essential for the state government to​ remain vigilant and protect⁢ critical infrastructure from ⁤any potential threats.

Furthermore, ‌the governor has voiced concern about Chinese ‌investment‍ in​ Florida’s real estate market. Chinese investors have been purchasing significant amounts of properties in the state, particularly in Miami and the surrounding areas. While foreign⁢ investment is generally beneficial for the economy,⁤ excessive Chinese influence ⁣can have negative consequences.‍ It can ⁣drive up real⁣ estate prices, ‍making housing unaffordable‍ for locals, and create imbalances in the ⁣market.

Governor DeSantis’ warnings regarding national security are not unfounded. Florida is​ home to several military installations, including Naval ‍Air Station Jacksonville, Eglin Air Force Base, and MacDill Air Force ⁤Base. These bases house critical military assets, and any compromise in their security can have severe implications for national defense. ⁢Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard ⁤these installations from any potential breaches that could compromise their integrity.

Chinese influence also raises concerns about the protection of intellectual property rights. ⁢Florida is home to some⁤ of the country’s leading research institutions and ​innovative industries. Alienating or compromising these sectors due to Chinese influence could have detrimental effects ⁣on⁣ the ⁤state’s economy. Protecting intellectual ​property and ensuring fair ‌trade practices is vital for Florida to maintain ‍its competitive edge in ‍various industries.

Governor DeSantis has taken proactive steps to address these risks. ⁣He recently signed a bill that ⁤aims to‌ scrutinize and regulate foreign investments in sensitive areas ‌such as critical infrastructure and technology ⁣sectors. The law requires companies involved in such ‍investments to‌ disclose their ownership and funding sources. This ⁢initiative demonstrates Governor DeSantis’ ⁣commitment to protecting ⁣Florida’s national security and economic ‍interests from potential threats.

It is crucial for both federal‍ and state governments to⁤ collaborate in assessing ‍and mitigating ⁣the risks posed by Chinese influence in Florida.‌ While healthy trade relations with⁤ China ⁢are desirable, ⁤it is crucial to establish a balance that does not ⁣compromise national⁢ security⁤ or⁤ economic ‌stability. Continued vigilance and a strong regulatory framework are necessary to safeguard Florida’s interests and maintain its economic prosperity.

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis’s warnings about the risks to national ‍security and the⁢ economy posed by Chinese ⁢influence ‍in Florida are pertinent and justified. As a state heavily ⁣reliant⁣ on international trade and with significant military assets, Florida must take ‌precautions to protect critical infrastructure, ​intellectual property, and national defense. Governor DeSantis’s proactive measures, such as the new ‌legislation on foreign investments, demonstrate his commitment to ensuring the state’s security⁢ and‍ economic interests. Continued collaboration between state⁣ and⁤ federal government is‌ necessary to effectively address and ⁣mitigate these risks, while maintaining a balanced approach ‌to ‌trade relations.

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