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DeSantis Forces College Board To Temper Anti-American Classes, But The War Has Just Begun

For decades, Republican and Democrat politicians have made it a habit to force Americans into funding schools, non-profits, and bureaucracies which are detrimental to our country and personal well-being. This wicked pattern of political ineptitude was broken by Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to allow College Board to apply for Florida public schools in order to teach its anti-American African American studies class.

Due to DeSantis’ courageous and principled stand, College Board Back down. Last week, the huge curriculum and testing organization was published Revision of the grievance studies class’s scope and sequence, which it had formerly kept secret from the very taxpayers funding it. College Board removed most overtly Marxist-baiting study materials, and added a token “black conservatism” Option to the long list of optional essay topics.

It is still shameful that the course does not include Clarence Thomas, one among the most respected legal thinkers of all ancestries. It is still clearly tilted politically to the left, not only by not focusing on the extensive and rich African-American tradition for Christian worship. Scholar Stanley Kurtz summarizes National Review has made some changes:

Nearly every topic that was not covered was filled with socialism or CRT or another radical perspective. Originally, an entire topic was devoted to Frantz Fanon’s glorification of violence — and its influence on black radicals in America. It is no longer a topic. Another topic that was criticized in a one-sided fashion was American foreign policy in Haiti. Gone. Also, the unit on black queer studies was also deleted. That was DeSantis’s victory. Showdown with Governor Pritzker. A topic ‘Afrocentricity,’ The scholarly legitimacy of this unit, whose validity is highly disputed, has been removed. CRT-based units that labeled colorblindness as racist are also gone (in direct contravention of Florida law). Units that plug reparations, prison abolishment, intersectionality, the socialist platform for the Movement for Black Lives and the revolutionary meditations by Robin D. G. Kelley are also gone.

It’s a clear political win for DeSantis. His choice to fight advanced his voters’ interests. In fact, he was also advancing national interests because funding its enemies is clearly a danger to any nation. This is an obvious fact, but it’s important to make connections in today’s world. As usual, every single Republican needs to learn from DeSantis’ example that going to political war for your voters is a winning strategy.

Still, it is not in Americans’ interest that, even in a more moderated form, this kind of class be taught Anywhere — Not in high school, not in colleges. Because it’s fashionable to attack what a conservative did not say, let’s be clear: African-American history is American history and should Naturally Every American should be taught well, thoroughly, and accurately.

But African-Americans are also a part of the American Dream studies African-Americans aren’t the same class as whites. Histories classes. They’re about identity politics grievance-mongering, which is really about pushing cultural Marxism, the division of Americans into bitterly divided grievance groups that pave the way for undoing Americans’ constitutional individual rights. This is the antithesis both of American happiness and American creed. This is the essence of the dispute.

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