DeSantis clarifies hesitation to raise hand in support of Trump during debate.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Explains Reluctance ‌to Raise Hand in Support of Trump

During last week’s ​Republican primary debate, Florida Gov. ⁢Ron DeSantis found himself in the spotlight when asked to raise his hand in support of‌ former President Donald Trump, even if he was convicted. The moment was one of the most memorable of the debate, as DeSantis‍ seemed hesitant to fully commit.

Trump, who ​faces criminal charges in Georgia and Florida, maintains his innocence and claims‌ he is the victim of a politically motivated “witch hunt.” Despite this, DeSantis and six other candidates expressed their unwavering support for the‌ former ⁤president on stage.

DeSantis Objects to‌ Gesture Politics

When questioned about his reluctance to raise ⁣his hand, DeSantis explained that he objected to the idea of using⁢ gestures⁢ as a way to express his viewpoint. He had ​previously signed a pledge to support the eventual Republican⁣ nominee, ‌regardless of who it may be.

“I objected to doing the hand raise. And I thought most of ⁤the candidates seemed to agree with me,” DeSantis said.⁢ “And so I was like, okay,‍ are we really doing this? And people were doing it, so I made the pledge.”

DeSantis emphasized that he is a‍ man of his word and does not sign pledges without intending to follow through. He ‌firmly believes in honoring the will of the primary voters and supporting the nominee to save ⁢the country and defeat Joe Biden.

Body ‌Language Expert Analyzes DeSantis’⁣ Gesture

A ‍body language ⁤expert, Susan Constantine, shed some light on DeSantis’ half-hearted hand gesture. She explained that his speaking style and gestures indicate a tendency to push back when he feels pressured into something he doesn’t want​ to do.

Constantine observed that DeSantis is not easily bullied and ‌has a strong moral compass. His body language suggests that he is a serious and internal thinker, which may⁢ explain his reserved emoting during the debate.

Despite⁤ the debate’s impact on the​ race, polling consistently shows Trump ⁣as the frontrunner, with DeSantis consistently placing second.

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