DeSantis stands firm on Florida curriculum: ‘No support for slavery’

Gov. Ron DeSantis Defends Florida’s Controversial​ Curriculum on Slavery

Amid intense criticism‍ from both sides of‍ the political aisle, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) staunchly defended ⁢Florida’s contentious curriculum on the history of slavery. In a bid to address the concerns raised, DeSantis invited Vice President Kamala Harris to Florida for a discussion​ on the state’s updated ‍black history standards,⁤ alongside one⁣ of the academics who helped create them. Joining the defense‍ were Sen. Tim⁣ Scott (R-SC) and Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who pushed ​back against the curriculum’s passage.

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During an interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner, DeSantis dismissed many of the critics as acting in “bad faith.” He ‌emphasized that the curriculum⁣ was developed by black history scholars, ‍most of whom are black themselves, who ⁤sought to highlight the injustice of slavery rather than promote it. DeSantis clarified that the controversial line in question was not suggesting⁢ that slavery was ⁢a benefit, but rather⁤ acknowledging the resourcefulness and skills acquired by enslaved individuals despite their circumstances.

“I’m fighting back against false ⁤narratives,” declared the Florida governor. “I do not let people like Kamala Harris ‌or the ‌media take false ‍narratives​ and run with them. We will stand our ground and we will speak the truth.”

Dr. William Allen, one of the ​contributors to the 200-page Florida curriculum, further‌ explained ⁢that the controversial line was a crucial⁣ addition to teach the stories of black people⁢ who ⁤persevered under ⁢enslavement.

Despite facing criticism, DeSantis remained steadfast in his support for the state’s‌ new ‍guidelines. “I⁤ think⁢ it’s very clear‌ that‌ these ​guys did a good job on​ those standards. It wasn’t anything that was politically motivated. These are serious scholars,” DeSantis concluded. “So don’t side ⁢with Kamala on that. Stand up for your state.”

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