DeSantis sees Biden’s fall as a symbol of the country’s state.

Gov. DeSantis Criticizes Biden’s Fall as Symbolic of Country’s State

“Isn’t it kind of just symbolic about the state of the country? You have a president who lacks energy, who’s stumped, stumbling around. No leadership for the country’s future. And unfortunately, you see an incident like that,”

During a radio interview, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized President Joe Biden’s onstage fall at a graduation ceremony, stating that it is symbolic of the state of the country. DeSantis, who recently announced his campaign for president, believes that the country needs an energetic executive who can take Washington by storm.

Biden’s Fall at Graduation Ceremony

Biden tripped on a sandbag while handing out a diploma at a United States Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado. Secret Service and Air Force officials quickly helped him back up to his feet, and his team confirmed that he was uninjured after the fall. Biden later joked with reporters, saying, “I got sandbagged.”

DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign

DeSantis, who is considerably younger than both Biden and his chief GOP primary rival, former President Donald Trump, is swinging through South Carolina to jump-start his 2024 bid following stops in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this week. He believes that the country needs a leader who can impose the will of the people on Washington, D.C.

Biden’s Age

At age 80, Biden is already the oldest president in United States history. Should he win a second term in office, he will be 82 on inauguration day and 86 by its conclusion. DeSantis, who is 44, believes that the country needs an energetic executive who can take charge on day one.

  • DeSantis announced his campaign for president via Twitter last week.
  • Biden announced his campaign back in April.
  • Biden previously took a tumble while on his bike in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, last June.
  • There have also been multiple instances of him slipping up while walking up the stairs to Air Force One.

Despite these incidents, Biden appeared fine afterward in all cases.

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