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Deputy and partner injured in South Carolina home shooting.

Off-Duty Deputy and Fiancee ‍Wounded in Drive-By Shooting

COLUMBIA, S.C.—In a shocking incident, an off-duty sheriff’s ​deputy and his fiancee were ​injured in a drive-by shooting at their suburban Columbia home over the weekend. The incident took place in‍ the⁣ county ⁢that encompasses South Carolina’s capital, leaving the community in shock.

At⁣ a press conference, Richland⁢ County ⁤Sheriff Leon Lott revealed that Cpl. Terrance⁣ Crawford, who works as a police officer at a school in Columbia, and his fiancee were both‌ struck in the legs. The sheriff emphasized that Crawford was not the intended target, although he did not provide further details. The home had a total of eight people present during the incident.

According to Sheriff Lott, the perpetrators were aware that the house belonged to a Richland County deputy as his ‌marked police car⁢ was parked in front. ⁤The investigation has identified several individuals ‌who ⁤may have been involved in the shooting.

Disturbingly, this incident marks the 96th ⁤time in 2023 that someone has fired into a residence in Richland County, which is home to approximately 420,000 ​people. Sheriff Lott revealed that most of these shootings are a ⁤result of rival gang activities.

“It’s just stupid gang stuff,” the sheriff expressed his frustration. “They sneak around like a bunch of little cowards during the darkness, and then sneak off like a snake at night to try to get away.”

When questioned about the number of casualties and injuries caused by shootings into homes this year, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office did not provide immediate‌ information. A Freedom of Information Act⁢ request is required to obtain those figures and related details.

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