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Democrats charge the GOP with” cherry-picking” the proof in the Hunter Biden laptop case.

House Democrats are accusing the GOP of selectively using evidence to claim top government officials intentionally misled the public on the Hunter Biden laptop case to help then-candidate Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

According to testimony from a former CIA deputy director, Republican leaders on the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday to denounce the Hunter Biden laptop tale as Russian propaganda. Democrats rebuffed those claims, claiming that Republicans” cherry-picked” passages were used to” sensationalize a three-year-old tabloid story.”

EX-CIA Chief Says Blinken’Triggered Letter to Discredit LaPTOP during HUNTER BIDEN Evaluation

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee wrote in a speech,” To be clear, no part of that audience shows that Tony Blinken or any other Biden system established asked Mike Morrell to create an email about Hunter BiDEN’s’s device.”

Jim Jordan, president of the Judiciary Committee, and Mike Turner, head of knowledge, both announced on Friday that their modules may begin looking into the matter. Their panels will pay particular attention to a missive that was signed by 51 former intelligence leaders and dismissed the Hunter Biden allegations as untrue. In order to stop voters from” making a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election ,” the pair claimed that Biden’s’s campaign was involved in the suppression of the story.

Democrats, meanwhile, refuted those claims, citing passages from Morrell’s’s evidence that they claim show Blinken and similar Biden officials had nothing to do with covering up the incident.

They wrote,” Mr. Morrell never testified during his meeting that Secretary Blinken gave him instructions or asked him to read any papers.” ” Mr. Morrell, however, testified that, like many others, Mr. Blinken sought his counsel.”

The most recent developments come from a letter that, in October 2020, was signed by tens of former national security officials and aimed to refute the claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story had” all the famous earmarks of an Russian material activity.” One of the representatives who signed on to the email was Morrell.

Democrats argued that because the letter was” written by private citizens expressing their private opinion ,” it was not a part of the Biden campaign’s’s effort to stifle the story. Republicans, who noted that their knowledge was used to sway public opinion, rebuffed that claim.

Jordan and Turner wrote,” Although the statement’s’s signatories have an uncontested right to free speech and free association— which we do not dispute— their mention of their national security credentials lent weight to the story and suggested access to specialized information unavailable to other Americans.”


One of the top priorities for Republicans in the new Congress is to look into Hunter Biden’s’s laptop and his business dealings. The GOP sought to ascertain whether then-candidate Joe Biden benefited financially from his son’s’s orders during the 2020 election, citing national security issues, which is when the situation first gained attention.

Although the president’s’s son has never publicly denied that the laptop belonged to him, he has insisted that it is” 100 % certain” that no wrongdoing will be committed against him.

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