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Democratic Congresswoman Raises Concerns About Michigan Situation

Democratic Congresswoman Warns Biden That What’s Happening in Michigan⁣ ‘Really Is a Problem’

When anyone whose family is as political as Rep. Debbie Dingell’s says that Democrats are in trouble, it would be wise for party leaders ⁤to listen.

The Michigan Democrat represents a⁢ district held by her father-in-law for ⁤22 years before his son, John Dingell, won it, and then she ran and⁤ won after her husband retired in 2014. Combined, the‍ three Dingells have represented that district ⁣for‌ over 90 years.

She​ was a freshman representative in 2015 and 2016, which may explain why her ⁤warnings to the⁢ Democrats about the surging then-candidate Donald Trump went largely unheeded.

“Everybody knows, I’m now the famous one who ⁤tried ⁤to warn everybody in ’15 and ‌’16 that we ​had a problem,” the Democratic House member told CNN’s Kasie Hunt. “And nobody listened.”

This election cycle, Dingell claimed, things will be different.

“The thing I’m going‌ to say ​about these polls: It’s getting people’s attention,” she said, referring to a poll⁣ mentioned by Hunt that showed incumbent President Joe Biden, 81, losing a‍ hypothetical 2024 match-up to Trump, 77, by 10 points.

It should be noted that the poll surveyed only registered —⁣ not likely — voters, and had a reported margin of error of 3.4 percentage points. Still, such​ a wide margin, even⁤ this far in advance ‌of ⁢the election, must have raised ​some eyebrows among Democratic Party leadership.

“We‍ know what we have to do‍ to go in and win this campaign,” Dingell told Hunt. “It’s going to be hard-fought.”

Dingell then claimed that Michigan is a “very complicated state,” ‍pointing to‌ the prevalence of young people in the state, the strong‌ union presence and differing opinions ‍about the‍ current unrest in the ⁢Mideast.

She said those issues could be overcome, but Biden would have to visit the state‌ and meet with the⁣ various voting groups.

“All of us have got to do a better job of talking about what has ‌been done to save the economy,” she said.

“Do you feel like the ⁤Biden campaign‌ is listening to you?” Hunt asked, causing a long pause of Dingell’s part that actually made⁣ the CNN‌ host laugh.

“Yes, ‌I actually do,” Dingell eventually ⁢said. “My phone calls get returned.”

“I think there are a lot of senior people inside the White ​House that get, ⁣‘OK, this really is a ⁢problem,’” she said, calling Vice ⁤President Kamala Harris out specifically as focused on the issue.

“And now we’ve got to get to the things that we’ve got to do to make sure that we’re addressing them,” Dingell added.

You can watch the entire CNN interview below.

The current RealClearPolitics average of national ⁤polls shows ⁣Trump leading Biden by 2.1 percent amount registered voters. Virtually no polls of ⁣likely votes appear on⁣ the site.

  • At this point in the 2016 race, that average showed former ‍first lady Hillary Clinton winning by 4.3 points; at⁢ this point in the following cycle, Biden was up⁤ by 7.5.

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​ What cultural issues could impact the Democrats’ standing in‍ Michigan, and how should the ‌party handle them?

, and the ⁢diverse⁤ coalition of voters.⁢ She⁣ emphasized ⁣that Democrats cannot take the‌ state for granted⁤ and must⁣ work to earn the trust and ⁣support of Michiganders.

“We are not taking my state for⁢ granted,” ‌Dingell asserted. “We haven’t⁢ for a long time, but‌ the old coalitions don’t work like⁢ they used to.”

She highlighted the need⁤ for the party to connect with working-class voters and ‍address their concerns, particularly in areas that have been left behind by globalization and the decline of ⁤the manufacturing industry.

“People are⁤ hurting. People right now are worried about their livelihood, the economy. They’re‍ worried about where they’re ‍going to be tomorrow,” Dingell said. ⁢“They’re ‌worried about‍ their‌ kids.”

She stressed ‍that economic issues should be at the forefront of ‌the Democratic Party’s agenda and that they should focus on policies that will benefit working-class⁤ families.

“I say this ‌to ‍my Democratic ​colleagues all the time: If you don’t understand the pain ⁢and worry in the middle of ⁤the country, you⁤ shouldn’t be representing ⁤them,” Dingell added.

In addition to economic concerns, Dingell ‍also touched on cultural issues that could impact the ‌Democrats’ standing⁣ in‌ Michigan. She acknowledged‍ the state’s history of conservatism on social ​issues​ and​ noted the importance of respecting different viewpoints.

“We have a respect for tradition,” Dingell said. “We respect the⁤ fact that everybody doesn’t agree with us and we’ve got to figure out how to come together.”

She warned⁣ against ⁢taking a condescending tone ‌or dismissing the concerns of those who hold different beliefs, urging her party to be open⁤ and inclusive.

“I want Democrats to win, but⁤ I want ⁢Democrats to win because we are going to ‍hear people out,” ​Dingell emphasized. “We’re not going to tell people​ that ⁣they’re ignorant ⁢or⁣ deplorables ‍just because ⁢they disagree.”

She‌ concluded by urging Democrats‌ to be⁢ proactive​ in addressing the challenges⁤ they face in Michigan and across the country. Rather ​than relying solely on polls, Dingell encouraged her party to engage with voters on the ground and listen to ⁢their needs and aspirations.

“We cannot count on polls, we cannot count ‍on anything⁣ other than‍ rolling up our⁤ sleeves and getting out there and earning every single‍ vote,” she concluded.

As the longest-serving member of the state’s delegation‌ in Congress, Dingell’s warnings should ‌not be taken lightly.⁤ Michigan plays a crucial role ‌in national politics, and Democrats would do well to heed her advice and‌ take the concerns of ⁣Michiganders ‍seriously. If they fail⁤ to do so, they may find themselves facing⁤ another​ surprise‍ loss in a state that was once considered a stronghold for⁢ the party.

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